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#1 RajiBoy Jun 05, 2007 01:13 PM

Thoughts on Walkera 52 from the experts
Just wanted to get expert advise on the Walkera 52. thinking of buying and have read that, I may need to upgrade the battery and motor to keep it in the air longer. I have months of experience on my Lama 3, and would like to move on to a small (micro) in door CP model.

Is this a good move. If not I do need to buy something that is small as I only want to intially fly in doors, as I do not get a chance to out doors, plus want to get all the pratice in flying prior to going out doors with bigger models.

#2 Roachie Jun 05, 2007 06:36 PM

Hi there Rajiboy.....

This is not quire the right forum for the W52 questions.....may I suggest the Micro Heli forum theres heaps of stuff there to answer your questions

Posted a link for just one of many.....do a search you'll find more


Who knows nothing about W52's BTW

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