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#1 stephc May 09, 2007 06:37 PM

SpyHawk / 6ch receiver wiring
I have acquired a Spyhawk (4ch, with 6ch receiver) that has been partially dismantled.
Need to find out which way to plug the connections into the receiver !
Receiver has six 3 prong pins (1 to 6 from the bottom up?)
There are four 3 pin connectors to plug in, inc one from the main motor controll board where the battery power comes in
All are white, red, back from left to right (or vice versa if I plug it in the other way round)

I could probably work out the two servo and tail? ones go
but desperately need to know which way to plug in the main motor / power one

Anyone any ideas
Or anyone have a SpyHawk they could examine for me

Other similar models are probably wired similarly


#2 stephc May 09, 2007 06:59 PM

AH, looks like the design and wiring is the same as, or similar to the Piccolo
on http://www.swashplate.co.uk/files/Pi...PlusManual.pdf

But would still be good if someone could confirm

PS Thanks for the FAQ taht pointed me at the manuals on swashplate.co.uk

#3 exifyde May 22, 2007 04:49 PM

i have a spyhawk but i know zip about rc stuff yet. its my 1st and this is even my 1st time here lol.
But if theres anything i can do to help ill be happy to.
Maby acouple of pics of the wires or somthing?

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