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#1 gbruce Oct 23, 2002 08:05 PM

LI-PO Fact or Fiction?
With all of the HYPE around these new cells it sure is tempting to get on the bandwagon and order some but does anyone have some real EDF experience with them yet?


#2 Hawker Oct 23, 2002 08:13 PM

Hopefully Modelsjets will soon, with his 4 fan (EDF-50) 707. I'm very curious myself.

#3 wilerbee Oct 23, 2002 11:43 PM

Have some on order. Will post results once I have them. Also check back in this thread on lipo, someone posted a thread on using lipo on his kyosho lear jet and got 18 minutes flying time.

#4 modelsjets Oct 24, 2002 11:11 AM

I have some experience using Li-polys with a 4-EDF50 bird...

Checkout the threadhttp://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showt...threadid=60591

They worked better than the 1100ma 8cell nimhs they replaced... The plane went down due to radio interference (was using a park flier rx) The cells were damaged in the crash and I have new ones on order....

#5 Herb Oct 24, 2002 01:48 PM

Re: LI-PO Fact or Fiction?

Originally posted by gbruce
With all of the HYPE around these new cells ... Bruce
Btw here is a link to my original post on the subject:


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