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#1 PDX Slope Pilot Apr 03, 2007 08:51 PM

Baudis Trinity F3B X-Tail
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I'm selling my Baudis Trinity F3B X-Tail. The plane is RTF but needs the flap servos rebuilt due to excessive play in the gears.

Here's what is included:

Multiplex Slim Star digitals servos - ailerons
JR DS368 servos -flaps (gears need to be rebuilt due to excessive play)
Hitec HS-85MG-elevator/rudder
Full Ballast Set
Launch Hook
1700 mAh 4.8 v. battery pack
Battery switch

Here's what the plane needs: Flap servos need to be rebuilt due to excessive play in the gears.

Prior damage: The boom has been repaired after it snapped after it came in a little too hot on a landing in 50 mph winds out at Hood River. No other damage occurred. The plane has not been crashed. I just pancaked it in which caused the tail to whip and snap. It was expertly repaired by Will Newton with carbon. The wing shows minor dents and dings from flying the SoCal slope circuit. From 6 ft back the plane looks perfect. Get up close and you see paint chips and minor wear.

Add receiver and repair flap servos and fly. $850. PayPal accepted.


#2 checkenbach Apr 03, 2007 09:32 PM

D&mn Vic, If I hadn't just bought an $1100.00 lens I'd be all over this!!!!
My TrinityF3F is about1/3 done though. Whatcha gonna get, Daves Race M????

#3 PDX Slope Pilot Apr 03, 2007 11:06 PM

Hey Chris...

I priced it to sell. Always a good deal from PDX. Buy high and sell low to my slope buddies. Geez what's wrong with me?! Not too sure what I want to do next. We'll see.

This one didn't last long. It's sold.


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