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#1 Correa Feb 23, 2007 10:49 PM

While my two kids and I were skate boarding at HanGang Riverside Park in the Spring of 2001, we found an airplane hovering still in the sky. We thought it was a kite but we could not find the string. When we approached it, we found the pilot with th R/C transmitter. Intrigued, we decided to learn to fly R/C glider.

We ordered Skeeter from Tower Hobbies but found the single sheet of plan and sticks in the box too daunting to even attempt to put together. We called for help from the Korea Model Airplane Association and got referred to a glider builder, Mr. Yong Ki Kim. He started my kids off with two trainer gliders and we were off to flying.

My kids lost interest long ago but my interest grew into an addiction that I am barely managing to recover from :)

These are the planes I have built and flown over those years:
1.5m hand launch glider
Astroflight 010 motorized HLG
Redback foam slope racer
Avenger II DLG
2.3m v-tailed glider
Channel 1.8m F5B
Hobby Lobby's c-Hawk 2.5m Rudder & Elevator
Hobby Lobby's Puma Impulse 2.5m Aileron, V-tail
Soaring USA's X-Caliber 3.3m all carbon Sport glider A/F/R/E
Multiplex Cargo
Super Dimona (semi-scale motorized glider)
Light Stick - scratch built
Apache Dragonfly (original & II)
Esprit Model's Bird 3000, better version of Bird of Time
Blaster DLG
Easy Star x 7
Great Planes Siren
Easy Glider, non-motorized
JK Flight's Zenith slope racer
JK Flight's Spitfire foamy Warbird
"New Hope" scratch built motorized glider

#2 jnjloo Mar 09, 2007 11:56 PM

wow, that's quite a assortment. I love to go fly my glider. I fly for a living and prefer the glider, it's just so peaceful (and fun if you combat :) ) I've been reading on the blaster's and DLG's they look like alot of fun. Good for you!! There's alot of worse things to be doing with the cash and time. Carry on.

#3 John Kim Mar 27, 2007 06:29 PM

Quite a history. You are a real hobbist, enjoying to fly. Your attitude toward this hobby should become a model for guys who bring out a thousand dollar plane only to brag about.

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