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#1 ex-racr Feb 09, 2007 01:04 PM

JR Rumfal in Thunderbirds scheme
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This was purchased about 2 years ago and I finally completed it about a month ago. It's a 7-8 cell (round cell) pattern plane with a fiberglass fuselage and a balsa sheeted foam wing. It has about 270 sq. inches of wing area and weighs 49 oz. That's about a 26 oz. per square foot wing loading :eek: With 8 IB 3600 NiMh cells, I get about 400 watts fading to 370. So it's about 120 watts per pound. Motor is a Mega 22/20/3e spinning a Graupner CAM 11x6 folder. Definitely not a floater. I haven't flown it yet as I'm conflicted about using the NIMH cells or taking the plunge into Lipos. I made the mistake of telling the wife about Lipo fires and she hasn't forgot :( . The good news is that A123 cells (Dewalt 36V packs) offer a significant weight reduction and are safe. Either Lipos or LiFE will give an 8 oz weight loss.
I have to say, this is the second F/G fuse from the Czech replublic that I have had to fix. They put plywood disc in the fuse while it's being molded and the disc is never parallel to the nose. I had to grind it out and put in a new fire wall. THe other thing that really annoyed me about the plane is that the chord of the wing was longer than the canopy opening for it. I had to grind out the canopy opening and now it looks like :censored:
I decided to leave it as it is as this is one plane that you could spend hours on trying to get it look perfect and right now it's good enough to fly.
I decided to have a split "Y" elevator linkage and it was a pain but it will work better than the "U" shaped wire that came with it. Kudos to Foss1997 for the idea he used in his Rumfal. He made the mistake of relying just on the glue. I used a mechanical connection as well The red scallops on the vertical stablizer could be done better and I will re-do it once it has flown a few times. The Testors dark blue paint isn't a cloase match to the insignia blue covering I used, so painting will be done later.

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