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        My next plane should be ?

#1 Lancair Sep 25, 2002 02:34 AM

My next plane should be ?
Im looking for some suggestions for my next plane.
Currently I have a Jazz by www.canterburysailplanes.co.nz BUT it wasnt built by me. I bought it off a guy who'd put a Zagi400X motor pod on it. It flies just OK with a speed400 and 7cells. Ive also got a small RX battery to use it for pure slope. It weighs in about 150gr over the recomended build weight as a glider and consequently has difficulties with light wind, less than 20km/h. Where I fly is also predominately coastal slopes and when it gets windy, like today, it gets gusty. The gusts I dont mind but they kick the jazz around a heap, it gets very YAWry (if thats such a word). No problems it flies OK, I just dont like seeing it, it looks unstable and messy. There arent many slopers in my area so I have no one to compare it with or tell me its right or wrong. The CG is correct or just a tad forward of recommended.

Anyway, I would like something that will fly in light winds, something that looks like something real eg Spitfire or something thats maybe not scale but has a fuselage and looks pretty. I REALLY like the look of the KULBUTIN, but I thinks its way out of my league just yet, and well out of my current budget by about double plus some.

Suggestions anyone ?

#2 Daemon Sep 25, 2002 03:13 AM

DAW 1-26.
A couple people have em around here and if they're built right they look good and fly good. Handle both light winds, and moderately high winds with a little ballast too.

BTW, the Jazz should really groove in high winds. Sounds like the CG is messed up somehow. Perhaps too far back. It's true that it's not a light air sloper unless built light though, and the powerpod obviously won't help that. But in high winds, virtually no combat wing is faster.


#3 konaboy Sep 25, 2002 04:09 AM

Just curious, can the DAW 1-26 be flown successfully as a 2-channel airelon-elevator configuration?

ON the website it says it can be built rudder/elevator or air/rud/elev.

#4 Lancair Sep 25, 2002 06:06 AM

Daemon, I saw the Jazz in your impresive hangar list in another thread, glad you replied.
Ive seen the DAW1-26 and yes, as an aileron version it looks cool. It was one Id been considering so now I guess it gets moved a bit up the dream list.
Re the Jazz CG, mine was set for 5mm forward of the recommended, and I think it was too far forward. I needed quite a few clicks of up trim today. I guess a down fall of my combi setup, setting batteries exactly the same positions etc but usually I set it up, get the CG right and leave it alone, I charge RX batt in wing. So if I have a battery ejection during landing (crashing) I could be messing it up. Im thinking of taking the pod off to lighten it, so I guess I just cut into the foam to mount the gear if I do that ? Then tape it over or make a coroplast hatch ?
I think, in reality the screwiness and unstable appearance I complain about is just me being petty. I think its just wings in general on a 20+knot gusty seaside slope. And yes it really gets up and grooves in higher winds. Had it out in 22+knots this afternoon, but had to share the smallish area with about 7 hangliders doing tandem joyrides from the lookout carpark, so couldnt really get to the high side of the slope at all to really get it going, and too far to my left goes over a road so not to keen on going to far that way. But loads of fun doing tight turns low down, just in front of me to stay out of their way for their takeoffs and landing approaches. Nice of them to let a newbie fly with them I thought :-) oh thats right I didnt tell them. I did one attempted loop but ended up crashing and bouncing into a park bench, 2 feet from parked cars. Decided to pack up then.
Ive been flying it powered, doing rolls and loops etc, but on the slope its a different kettle of fish hey. Didnt want to even attempt a roll today in front of the crowds. I was wishing for someone else to come fly, but as I said, slopers are far a few between around here. I know of about 6 or 8 guys spread around district, but in nearly 2 months of driving past some of the prime slopes, Ive met 2. Thats cool though really, because Ill have those sites to myself a lot, and they're on my way to work and back :-)

#5 rpnick Sep 26, 2002 10:21 PM

Try a Moth!
www.northcountyflyingmachines.com Check the vids, buy the kit, build the plane, be very, very happy!!! Finished mine yesterday, per instructions, and it flew right out of the box with only minor control rod adjustments. Better breeze today, and it carves like a sports car, er... plane. Perhaps a Lancair even. btw, do you have one? Wanna race? Just my .02! ...N

#6 sapok Sep 27, 2002 11:07 AM

I agree, I got my moth in the air a couple of weekends ago, and I agree, It was a total blast.... I completly recomend the Moth. It looks great, and flys better....

Just my 1.5 cents.


#7 Lancair Oct 04, 2002 06:26 AM

The Moth huh !
Is it the Moth thats flying in a video I found, called "Hitting the Bowl" by Scott Drew ? I dont know where I found it, and cant find it again, Ive searched many times. Its about 9mb and 4 or 5 mintues long, some really 'light air' flying. Nothing too fancy just good light air fun. If thats the Moth they're flying, then I guess itd be a contender.
I got my Jazz going really good today. A sinker (lead fishing weight) I had in the nose for getting CG right (apparently) came loose and departed in a crash. I didnt notice till after relaunch, but once trimmed out the Jazz really performed well in the 15-20mph winds. I just re checked the CG and its about 2mm, maybe three aft of recomended. I had it set for about 4 mm forward of CG, Obvioulsy a little aft is better.
But Im still looking at getting a second model. :-)


#8 sapok Oct 04, 2002 10:51 AM

Moth Video....
Two things, first you can do a search here for "moth video". Or you can just check here.


Best of luck.


#9 Lancair Oct 07, 2002 06:24 AM

Thanks Sapok, I did search moth video here in the threads but most probably was late at night and I got lost in threads as I so often do, checking out links etc etc.


#10 Lancair Nov 13, 2002 05:55 AM

Well, today I made a decision. Well actually, my fiance did, she said she would buy me a plane for xmas. So I ordered from my LHS, a Canterbury Sailplanes F-20 Tigershark.
Should be in store in a week or so, but Im not allowed to have it until xmas. I can see some serious bribing coming on, my mastercard could take a beating for me to get this early.
Now just to decide on a colour scheme, I dont think Ill go the red and white that lots of others have.

#11 slopeiron Nov 13, 2002 12:39 PM

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Cool!! Here are some pics. There's your typical grey/black scheme:

#12 slopeiron Nov 13, 2002 12:40 PM

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Dark blue and black.

#13 slopeiron Nov 13, 2002 12:42 PM

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RSAF colors. I don't think this one ever really existed, but it looks pretty cool. :D

#14 slopeiron Nov 13, 2002 12:44 PM

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Then again, you could also make it an F-5 instead. It's almost the same plane as the F-20 except that the F-5 had dual engines. There are lots of cool camo schemes for the F-5.

#15 slopeiron Nov 13, 2002 12:45 PM

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Here's one that is more subdued.

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