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#1 Sail 'n Soar Sep 18, 2002 08:15 PM

Work in Progress
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The picture is a a gas powered trainer I designed to have glider like characteristics, but without all the launch and space requirements of a glider. Unfortunately, I could never get the motor running reliably enough to actually fly it. After getting hooked on electric with my Megatech Merlin sans landing gear, I decided to convert my trainer to electric - stubby grass field relatively near my house and who needs the extra weight anyway!:D

I'm going to build a new fuselage for the electric, so decided to do a little hand-launching to check areas and proportions before drawing up the new fuselage and tail feathers. A few steel washers in place of the engine weight and I was off.

Good things I learned: Wing works/good glide ratio; Monokote open structure stands up to the tough grass and stubble/

Things to improve: 3/32" wire LG too thin; tends to tip stall vs a benign mush; control surfaces relatively innefective. Next Post for Test Bird Corrections.

#2 Sail 'n Soar Sep 18, 2002 08:31 PM

Work In Progress 2
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Solve tip stall: Warped in ~2 degrees washout in each wing.
More reponsive controls: Increased Rudder and elevator areas via foam egg cartons and painters tape.

Weather permitting I'll try the fixes this weekend and report the results.

#3 Sail 'n Soar Sep 21, 2002 12:13 PM

Fixes Seem to Work
Hand launched today and all seems well. Very nice long glides with no bad habits. I would still like a little more responsive rudder. Next step - redisigned fuselage and tail. Wider fuselage to handle my 8 cell CP-1300SCR battery packs, high wing to improve rudder action and be more scale like, and rudder and elevator to the new enlarged areas and proportions.

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