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#1 WarrrEagle! Jan 01, 2007 09:46 AM

Latest addition!
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Fokker Eindecker built for slow flying or indoor flying.

The fuse is FFF, the wings and tail assy are 3mm Depron, Alum tubing and CF rods for the wing struts and spars.

Running an E-Flite Park 250 with a 7x4 APC on a 2s 400mAh PQ li-po, E-Flite 10A ESC, Blue Bird sub-micro servos an a Berg micro stamp Rx. 4oz AUW minus batt! My lightest build by far.

Maidened ROG at the house and with just a few clicks was floating around great! The 250 was perfect but I never went above about 50% t. Cruising at around 25% t. Power to spare to put it mildly, too much for this model really.

The gym flying was next and went great as well but a single court gym gets small quickly!

Very light and floaty.

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