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#1 Dora Nine Dec 21, 2006 03:42 PM

Little Screamers for Alfa's?
I saw the add at the top of the page...was wondering if anyone has given these a whirl yet. I was thinking either the DeNovo or the Purple Peril would be a good choice depending on how much of a "rocket" you wanted. Amp draw seems decent and 22oz of thrust with a 14-16 oz plane means awesome verticle perfromance. Maybe I don't need that E-Flite 450 in the Corsair afterall. :eek: But it's got a 10 inch prop... :D

#2 corsair nut Dec 21, 2006 04:16 PM

as a member of |"TEAM SCREAM" of little screamers, i would say go with the DENOVO, you can run a 10" GWS HD prop(not slow flyer) or you can run a 9x5 APC E prop, or maybe a 9x4.5E. get it on the watt meter, but those would be some great props, also, the sucker only weighs .9oz, and i have a little screamer in every plane i own, and they are well made, and area great value. a ton of testing by Scott and Bob have been put into these motors. if you want more speed, go with the purple peril on a 8x4E prop, that will also make some great thrust! i have a GWS and a Great planes(electrifly) corsairs that both have the PP in them, and i love'em!

#3 Dora Nine Dec 22, 2006 01:35 AM

Awesome, thanks for the info. With that Dora coming out in early 07, I want to set them(I'm getting atleast two:)) up with a solid, high performing motor.

Also, which one would I want to buy for the Alfa F-86? I saw a thread a while back using one for the MiG, but I don't remember if it had actually hit the market yet?? Do you know if HL carries it now? Thanks!!

#4 Vintauri Dec 22, 2006 08:25 AM

I use a CustumCDR single on my Alfa Razorback and it's a great mix of low amp draw and lightweight. It makes the Alfas have a nice speed envelope as mine came in at 12.75oz auw with a 1320 3s prolite. Get 20 min of flying and can just float in for super soft landings yet still get up to insane speeds.


#5 corsair nut Dec 22, 2006 05:50 PM

the ducted fans use the jet screamer EDF motor, not the park jet, thats for pushers. :)

#6 Dora Nine Dec 22, 2006 08:20 PM

I kinda figured I wouldn't be using the Parkjet... :rolleyes: I was wondering what they called the inrunner for the EDF

#7 Littlescreamers Dec 23, 2006 10:22 AM

Thanks C/N,

You said it well :D I too love the PP and De as they are very good motors and the power they give is awsome! The De will take a bigger prop but the PP with tear a plane apart with a 8x4 3s, Just ask Bud for RCXplanes.com. He will fly nothing else. I have a lot of people contact me and say that they love these little powerhouses.

Thanks for the great year and I will continue to work hard bringing you the best in micro brushless power.

Marry Christmas Everyone! And A Happy New Year!


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