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#1 scrtsqrl Dec 10, 2006 07:25 AM

Electric OV-10 for FPV
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I'm thinking about building one of these:


Anyone have any experience with this model and/or company?

I'm thinking about using it as an advanced FPV platform after my easystar.

Thoughts anyone?

#2 ggcrandall1 Dec 11, 2006 05:49 AM

I have one. Different color but the same plane. Externally the plane is beautiful. However the glue job internally is poor. If you get one check and re-glue every joint you can get to. Also the plastic nose and tail cones are very fragile. Same for the motor cowls. If you install only one RX you will have a LOT of wire to run through the wing. It got pretty difficult to get the last ones in. Be sure to tape/lock all servo extension connectors that are hidden in the wing. Since the horizontal stab is fixed to the booms the whole thing gets pretty fragile with the wing off.

I am flying on two Mega 16/15-4 motors. I started with 6x4 props but am going up to 7x4. CC PHX-35 ESC's You will need a receiver battery or a UBEC as there are 7 servos. I used a 4s 3300mah lipo and a UBEC.

Mine has only flown once. The CG was not correct and it was very tail heavy. The hard landing took out the nose wheel mount. The repair wasn't difficult but the nose cone was shattered and no replacements are available.

An alternative installation would be two receivers, one in each boom. Lots less wire in the wing and one or two less servo extensions. Also I am thinking about going to two batteries. One in each boom. This is to shorten up the power leads. Not sure how to set up the LVC to avoid the one motor out situation though.

Check out the following:



#3 scrtsqrl Dec 12, 2006 05:19 AM

Thanks for the info and the link. It's all good.

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