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#1 franky31 Dec 01, 2006 02:57 PM

'twister 3d' or 'twister cp v2'?
I am after another heli. I have owned/flown several fp helis and can hover safely but I want to upgrade.Which would be the easiest next heli the twister cp v2 or the twister 3d? Am I right in assuming the larger twister 3d would be more stable even though it is 3d? Are the instructions for the 3d good enough for someone who has never setup a cp heli to be succesful? thanks

#2 John235 Dec 01, 2006 05:53 PM

I think the twister CP is more popular than the larger 3D designated model - You need to make sure there is no issue with spare parts availablity. I have noticed the Twister 3D has already disappeared from some stores in Australia. The CP2 is based on the Honeybee from ESKY, which is very popular model. I think the 3D has some common parts with the Esky cool, but I am not certain. You should consider also getting a Trex or possibley Esky "Belt-CP". See: http://www.twf-sz.com/

If buying from overseas, be sure to get the correct frequency for your country.

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