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#1 AirVenture Sep 06, 2002 09:15 PM

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Anybody have any experience with these, such as the Preditor? I was casually looking for job openings in the aviation industry and found a job flying these things (as a civilian). How cool would that be? It says you need at least a private and instrument rating, and that a commerical and instructor ratings is preferable. It also mentions that you need 2 years flying UAVs or something copareable. Do you think R/C planes count? By the time I graduate college, I'll have ten years full scale flying experience and 6 years R/C. The job also requires travle up to 6 months away from home, and the ability to abtain a sercurity clearance. Sounds like pretty cool stuff to me! May not be the best for a family life however. What do you guys think?

-Brett :)

#2 RookieOne Sep 09, 2002 04:06 AM

Go for it before you got a family!

If you already have a family.........that's another story!

#3 kapos45 Sep 09, 2002 05:19 AM

Doesnt surprise me they are hiring civilians for this.
I hope they pay well. AF pilots hated it.
Picture this: 6 months of living in a Conex
(metal shipping container) in one of your favorite
Hey at least you could probably quit without
getting court martialed :)
And you'll never have to bail out, ever;)

#4 AirVenture Sep 09, 2002 04:25 PM

LOL...good points, maybe that's why the job has been open for so long! I think I seen it about 6 months ago as well.

-Brett :)

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