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        Anyone Flying the Kavan Ford Tri-motor?

#1 DaveG Sep 04, 2002 10:29 PM

Anyone Flying the Kavan Ford Tri-motor?
I did a search and didn't find much on the Kavan Tri-motor. Any folks out there flying this model? I may put it on my wish list if there are any favorable flight reports. Thanks.

#2 Don Sims Sep 05, 2002 05:22 AM


I did this search by doing *Tri-motor*
I've got one and enjoy it. One of the other members suggested that I use Gunther props on it and there is a noticible difference in performance. Also, use at least eight cells for a really nice flight.

#3 Billmagann Sep 05, 2002 08:01 AM

I like mine also. I am flying with the stock props and the Wattage 8cell 800mah nimh (yellow stick). It flys very well in a slow, scale manner and looks really cool. It also lands very well. The plane does not like wind, so I only fly it when the wind is below 5 mph. Its nice to have something different at the field and this plane fills the bill.


#4 DaveG Sep 05, 2002 10:07 PM

Thanks for the info, guys. I've always had a weakness for the Ford Tri-motor, for some reason. I built a Monogram kit model of it when I was a kid and fantasized about building a flying model with skis and flying it off the snow (I grew up in Ohio). I may have to go for it. :)

#5 Dorme Sep 05, 2002 10:40 PM

I stated in a previous thread the performance. I have found that keeping the weight at 17 oz. will make a big difference in the flying and landing. I used an 8 cell 650 Nimh from HL (3.5 oz) and HS-50's. I recommend that you not take too steep a turn to prevent stalls due to the double taper in the wings.

I haven't tried the Gunther props but I suspect they are better as the APC's are very heavy. Incidently, go to the next larger size in wheels that HL sells to make for better landings that don't end up on the nose.

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