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#1 BRADJ Aug 15, 2002 04:47 PM

B-29 plans
Anybody know where to find plans for a B-29? Looking for my next foam project. Would like to have profiles, wing templates and motor/wing angles. Thanks.

#2 DICKEYBIRD Aug 15, 2002 06:00 PM

All I can find in my links is this: http://corsair.flugmodellbau.de/file...an/Bauplan.htm Look about a third of the way down the page.

It's not very good but maybe it'll give you a starting point.:)

Milton Dickey

#3 kitbasher Aug 16, 2002 01:26 AM


#4 BRADJ Aug 16, 2002 08:14 AM


Your link works but the download link on the page does not. Does anyone have a copy of these plans they can email me?

#5 Dereck Aug 16, 2002 10:19 AM

There's one in the Traplet plans range - start at www.traplet.com

It used pretty cheap motors (a lot of them, naturally!) but was all wood - shouldn't be too hard to foam-ify though. Had retracts too. Only published last year, IIRC

It's real big - up around 100" span


#6 stealthy Aug 16, 2002 10:53 AM

I looked on the Traplet web site for b-29 plans, I looked thru all the plans listed and couldn't find the b-29. Does any one know the plan number.


#7 David F. Plummer Aug 16, 2002 11:52 AM

B-29 "Plans"
Hi Brad!

If you're willing to do some scratch-type building, you can probably get some 'stuff' from the Boeing Company Archives Office; they're located in Bellevue, Washington. You can probably get their address via the Boeing web site; if not, let me know and I'll send it along to you.

Good luck,


#8 Dereck Aug 16, 2002 01:11 PM

Plan MW2786 Convair B-36 Peacemaker, by John Considine $27.00 + whatever US freight charges.

or (if it works!)


Then scroll down to Convair etc

#9 stealthy Aug 18, 2002 01:39 PM

I have the B-36 plans from traplet and I didn't even realize it was the same as a B-29 if you removed the motors from the rear.


After a little more studying of the plans, The wing looks to join differently then the B-29.


#10 JohanvM Aug 18, 2002 03:15 PM

Sorry guys about the missing link @ http://hem.passagen.se/jvmatern/b29/b29.htm .
It should now work again.

I've just uploaded a short video for those who want to see it fly.
Video sequence .
(A working codec for the movie can be downloaded at http://www.divx.com/divx/index.php).


#11 salat Sep 08, 2007 06:49 PM

Can anybody help me find Milton Dickey. I'm interested in DickeyBirds kits.
Thank you,

#12 Pinecone Sep 09, 2007 03:12 AM

There is a thread somewhere here on RCG by Jim Young about a balso covered foam B-29. He sold cores and plans, now only plans, but someone will custom cut the cores. Check the thread.

Duh, the thread shows up at the bottom of the page as a related topic thread:


#13 Boomerang1 Sep 09, 2007 03:40 AM

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That's my B-36 plan and apart from the fuse being circular nothing is the same as a B-29. I built a B-29 before I built the '36.. - John.

#14 salat Sep 09, 2007 03:01 PM

Can anybody point me to electric balsa plans?
Thank you,

#15 salat Oct 05, 2007 12:16 AM

Ok, I see. Now I believe that there are no other elcetric B-29s than John's and Jim Young's.
John, can you post some pictures of what that plans look like. I need be sure before getting them from Traplet..
Thank you,
Another question. Are any glow designs other than Don Smith's?

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