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#1 Alex B Sep 02, 2006 05:42 AM

P47 Thunderbolt 1,6 wingspanned by Graupner e-conversion
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As some will have read on another thread some weeks ago I ordered a P47 Thunderbolt by Graupner as a future project but due to my AT6 Texan death I've decided to start building this ARF kit slowly but without hesitating ;)

This P47 is very well finished as I'll show you on future pics when building's started...has retracts, and flaps as its wingspan is 1,6 mts. aprox and the final "gas" weight announced by manufacturer is 4.800 gr....as I'll be converting it to electric I'd like it to come out a little lighter...we'll see.

Ok now here comes the questions for me...I've got a spare AXI 4130/16 that was fitted on the AT6 Texan and was wondering if this could move this new model...no need for unreal speed this time as I like warbirds to fly sort of scale.

Well my idea for a set up is:

AXI 5320/28
Jeti 77 Opto Plus + Rx battery
Batteries: 2 Thunder Power packs of 5S4P at 10-12C and 8000mAh.
Prop APC E 15x10

Well any help will be more than appreciated.

Some pics to start things rolling !!!

Alex ;)

#2 Alex B Sep 02, 2006 01:55 PM

Any ideas on which batteries and prop I should be using on this model or if I should choose another power plant ?

Link to Motor Specs


Alex :)

#3 wolw Sep 02, 2006 02:31 PM

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Your'e a brave one aren't you ;) and I do envy you for daring :o

4800gr is a lot (for me), there are so many nice models that I've discarded just due to their weight.

Regarding batteries, Jeff (Vamooska ) is moving out 2S 2250mAh 12-16C LiPos for $18.95 each :eek: If you don't mind wiring (and soldering for 5S packs) your own parallel and series harness it's a very nice deal. The cells are matched and keeps balance very well. Weight is 406gr/4S 4500mAh, 510gr/5S 4500mAh, 612gr/6S 4500mAh.
I already had 8 packs (2 4S 4500mAh packs), I ordered 7 more this morning to get three 4500mAh packs of 4S, 5S and 6S to play around with :)

Vammy is great to deal with.

Looking forward to follow your build http://www.rcmf.co.uk/4um/Smileys/live/afro.gif

Almost forgot, good luck tomorrow.

//Peter http://www.rcmf.co.uk/4um/Smileys/live/smiley.gif

#4 SCALEFAN Sep 02, 2006 03:07 PM


The batteries are not listed at the price you quoted.


#5 wolw Sep 02, 2006 03:15 PM

No, you got to PM him (RCG price :D )

Sorry, forgot to add that :o


#6 Alex B Sep 02, 2006 03:45 PM

Thanks Peter for the info about Vampower batts...but I've been playing around with MotoCalc and I should use an 8S pack...but need to find the best option as I think to get some decent flight times I'll need 4P packs...I've got packs home but not too sure if they'll do the job...anyway would like the experts opinion on this as I might be pushing the motor to the limits ??? :confused:

I'll wait for some input from Carlos and see if he will kindly help me on this one...no hurry on building or flying so I better make the right decision on power set up and then start building...

For instance I'm not too sure which prop I should be using for a model this size...and that's going to make me use this motor or purchase the bigger one...hopefully I'll be able to save some cash and spend it on batteries instead :p

Alex :D

PS: I'm not too sure if I'm brave or suicidal :D :D :D ...right now I'm finishing balancing and fitting a new TP 6S3P pack to the F4U Corsair for tomorrow...should get about 40 minutes or so flight times if throttle used properly :rolleyes:

#7 wolw Sep 02, 2006 04:19 PM

You're brave http://www.rcmf.co.uk/4um/Smileys/live/wink.gif

I'm not ready fo +6S yet, but all my packs are 2S 4500mAh (and one 1S 4500mAh) so I could get a 15S 4500mAh pack :eek: quite easy by just wiring a serie harness.

Let's see 15S @ 50A = ~3000W I wonder if my son would like to fly, or maybe one of the cats ;) :D


#8 Alex B Sep 02, 2006 04:24 PM

Peter it's not being brave but the motor specs otherwise won't turn the right prop :D

Definitely need a 8SxP pack to get this bird flying nicely and speedy...need to finally make my calculations but I think that's the only way to go with the AXI 4130/16...the 4130/20 would work better but I'm not going to spend the money for the sake of it...will think on it with my pillow :)

Peter get a nice pack for your big bird and you'll love it !!! but don't fit your son in it :p

Alex ;)

#9 guapoman2000 Sep 02, 2006 05:12 PM


Wow....I just happen to stumble across this thread...I had no idea what you where up to....

Ayyy Dios mio....(Oh, My Lord).....4800 Grams = 11 lbs., ayy ya yaaaieeee! :D

Better have a good setup for both thrust and "Airspeed" and a spare tail hook for landing.

No, seriously, take a look at the Glow Section and see if anyone has this model with Glow and read up on it to see how it's flight characteristics and then, you can judge in what manner you need to setup your power system for to make it fly even better! ;)

#10 Alex B Sep 02, 2006 06:44 PM

I will definitely get all the info I can on the model flying style...but I've owned the small versions and is a gentle flyer...nothing like the AT6 at all...has huge wide wings to support the model at very low speed so landing and flying should not be that difficult this time...the problem is that this motor needs a lot of battery input to get the best out of it and 8 li-po packs is the limit of it...I'm wondering if that will kill the motor sooner than it should ???

Well now time to finish setting up the F4U for tomorrow and then have a deep reading through the gas section.

And yes 4,8 kg. is a bit scaring but hell...let's give it a go hey ???!!! :eek: :p :p


Alex ;)

#11 Alex B Sep 04, 2006 05:38 PM

Well first post has been updated with final set up...I have the batteries which are actually going to be used for both the Cessna 182 only in 1 pack version and then the 2 packs for this plane...good !!!

Power system had to be updated after weighting all parts as it seems that with this set of batteries the overall weight will be of 4,8 + motor...so at then end it should be a 5,3 kg. bird :eek:

Alex ;)

#12 Alex B Sep 06, 2006 08:34 AM

Forgot to mention that the wing loading will be of 31,4 oz/sd.ft and the pitch speed should be 75 mph.

Flight time predictions on motocalc show 56 minutes at full throttle so plenty of batteries for a nice sunday morning flying ;)

#13 guapoman2000 Sep 06, 2006 08:37 AM


Originally Posted by Alex B
Forgot to mention that the wing loading will be of 31,4 oz/sd.ft and the pitch speed should be 75 mph.

Flight time predictions on motocalc show 56 minutes at full throttle so plenty of batteries for a nice sunday morning flying ;)


Make sure you take it easy with this model and don't horse it around too much as at this wing loading she will not be very forgiving. :o

Best of luck!
Carlos :cool:

#14 Alex B Sep 06, 2006 08:45 AM

Thanks Carlos I know it really sounds a lot but compared to my Cessna or ex-AT6 is only 3-4 oz heavier per sq/ft and stall speed is only 1 mph higher than Cessna...but definitely will fly it nice and taking care of it not to play to much with it as a start until I get used to it and check everything at hundred miles from solid earth :p

Alex :D

#15 thunder1 Sep 06, 2006 01:26 PM

I see you mention a 4130/16 but then say you're going to install a 5320/28. Which are you going to install? You could probably cut down the weight by 1.5 lbs by going with the 4130 and 6s2p setup.

Since the wingspan is approx. 63" I'd say this model is pretty much the same as the .60 sized H9 P-47 which measures 65". The wing area on that one is listed as 727.5 sq in. The wing area listed on this model is 50 dm which works out to around 770 sq in. I'm not sure how they figured that out. But the horizontal stab shouldn't be included in the wing area.

Anyways at 5.7Kg or 12.5 lbs with a wing area of 770 squares, you're looking at 37 oz/ sq in wing loading. But if you use the wing area of the H9 P-47 you're really looking at nearly 40 oz sq in.

Sounds like flap territory to me;-)

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