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        Will an 8x800ar bat pack fit in a Hobby lobby skimmer 400.

#1 The Other Dave Aug 12, 2002 11:33 PM

Will an 8x800ar bat pack fit in a Hobby lobby skimmer 400.
I just saw the skimmer 400 on sale at HL but
as I just finished 1 new plane and I am thinking
about building 1 other plane (besides skimmer) I would like to
keep it at cheap as possible.

The radio, motor, prop and covering I have.

I would have to buy servos (I might have to give
up beer for a while) but I have 4 8x
800ar packs and a 1700au and a 1400ae pack
to use instead of buying new packs.

The obvious problems are just fitting, and getting
anywhere near the correct center of gravity.
From looking at the pictures in peoples posts
it looks like there is lots of room in it.

Not to mention that I am at 5500 feet.

I think that 7x 800ar would give me an AUW of 22 oz or so.
8x800 23 oz.

Maybe I could add and extra wing rib or 2.

I could even build some 7x 800ar if that would be



#2 Pierre Audette Aug 13, 2002 08:54 AM

There could be room for it, but you would need to make some mods to the fuse. I found the former at the leading edge to have the opening too small for some of my 600AE packs (side/side arrangement). I had to enlarge it a bit, but since it's plywood you can carve it up without loosing too much strength.

There is a tray under the wing that splits that space in two horizontally. That's the main constriction to putting bigger packs. It could be cut back signifcantly to open up the space, but I'm not sure if that would weaken the structure too much.

There is a lot of room lengthwise, so a skinny pack configuration could work well. I've got a S400 with an inline GB, and the battery pack sits close to the CG.

#3 die fliedermaus Aug 13, 2002 08:57 AM

If the cells are sub c size, no problem.
If the cells are AA, you might have trouble getting the balance right.

I have a 15 year old rx and servos (heavy) in my Skimmer and fly with 7 or 8 cell sub c packs. Tough to hang in a thermal due to weight but has nice flat glide. Enjoyable flyer.

#4 electricrcflyer Aug 13, 2002 02:06 PM

My 8 800AR pack (arranged in 4 sticks (square pack) of 2 cells)
fits w/o problem.

Have a pic of my skimmer at



#5 Hammer Aug 13, 2002 03:44 PM

Try the 4/5A 1700 NIMH cells.Double the capacity and a little bit shorter.(same diameter)I hear they're good up to 30 amps.Might be ideal for what you need.

#6 soholingo Aug 13, 2002 04:36 PM


Originally posted by electricrcflyer
My 8 800AR pack (arranged in 4 sticks (square pack) of 2 cells)
fit's w/o problem.

Have a pic of my skimmer at



Electricflyer you have misposted your link so many times that I am sure that you don't know what it really is... The link to your pages is

More specifically here are the links to the skimmer pics

Electricflyers Skimmer pic 1

Electricflyers Skimmer pic 2

Please don't take offense, but it took me a while to figure out your link the first few times you posted it. By the way... I hope to make a skimmer similar to yours with ailerons, but I am going to make the 1 piece wing a two piece wing...


#7 electricrcflyer Aug 13, 2002 05:17 PM


Thanks...no offense taken. Send me your mailing (home) address;
I'll send you actual photos of my Skimmer. The quality of pics are much better than the scanned photos I posted on my website.


#8 The Other Dave Aug 13, 2002 08:42 PM

Thanks for the info guys.

Square packs it is.

#9 Gerald Aug 13, 2002 09:13 PM

To make more room for batteries in mine I moved the horizontal "tray" that Pierre mentioned, to the bottom of the fuselage. This also further strengthened the floor for belly landings. http://personal.rdu.bellsouth.net/rd...d/skimmer.html

I used 8 x 600AE cells with a direct drive speed 400 or 10 x 600AE when using a geared speed 400. With the geared setup I had trouble getting the CG back far enough because the battery was all the way back against the servos. And to do that I had to move the receiver behind the servos.

#10 electricrcflyer Aug 14, 2002 06:35 AM

I'll scan pics of my Skimmer and will e-mail you guys.


#11 KillerAir Aug 14, 2002 12:07 PM

I have done the same tray move as Gerald and there is plenty of room for batteries. I am currently running 10 cells 500ar with a permax 4014 cobalt geared 3.8:1 turning a 11x8 prop. Climbs are near vertical and glide is ok. Good for big thermal days to hang. I have flown this many different ways and this is the most fun. As a thrmal it is kinda small to see when you are over 1000'. Averange flights are still in the teens with little help from lifting thermals. Burns last about 30 sec to spec. Five to six burns per pack. Motor runs total about about 2 minutes. Not climbing from 0 everytime.


#12 Cguiao Oct 18, 2002 10:25 PM

remember, skimmer and skimmer 400 are different planes. skimmer 400 needs smaller batts. and skimmer can use full size servos and sub-c cells. sub c's will not fit in skimmer 400.


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