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#1 robin andrew Jul 05, 2006 04:45 AM

to build a LAPIDAR 1940's flyingwing
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Hi, after seeing the video of HAN Witteven's very large scale flying wing on test flight's, I fell in love with it. So I contacted Han of the Netherlands via Ron Sommeron and received the very small drawing of a patent for the design in the early 1940's. It needed 2 hours to resize it to 5ft then I decided to carry 'sub C' cells for flight batteries so redrew it to 6ft span (with the sweepback its quite a large wing area).
I enclose the skeletel contruction pictures to show how i'm building the fuselarge onto the wing so it's all in one to carry about. Hope it will fit into my Fiat Punto Grande when its finished. There's still three underfins to fit underneath the wings which carry wheels and the radio to fit. What pusher motor to use is a guess at the moment but the whole structure is very lighytweight so far. So some new brushless 'wonder' motor should do the job, any sugesstions?
It's over 700 sq ins active wing area (flying wings lose some lifting area because of washout). I have to keep the cell count down to possibly 12 cells (2x6 packs or two 7 ) due to the small fuselarge interior, cheers Robin Andrew, Birmingham,UK
I've added in the picture of the model covered weighing 3lbs (with radio) but still needs a flight batt and a motor.

#2 HanW Jul 10, 2006 09:51 AM

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He Robin Andrew.
I have find him!!!!
Looks good!!!!

I missing the elevators.


#3 robin andrew Jul 10, 2006 12:33 PM

building a LAPIDAR
Hi Han, I thought that the flap along the trailingedge was for landing, so I designed the ailerons and the elevators as FLAPPERONS (also linked in are the rudders), also where is the CG, I guess that it is 75% from the LE at the fuselarge position?,cheers Robin

#4 HanW Jul 11, 2006 08:04 AM

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Hoi Robin Andrew.
Here some new picts.
Somone have gift me 175 new pics off my modells.
Here 2 very nice one.
And for who will nose where CG is.

Greats Han.

#5 madrob Jul 11, 2006 08:23 AM


What a beautifull and elegant design!

Great work!


#6 HanW Jul 11, 2006 10:18 AM

Hoi Rob.

Here You can find more.



#7 portablevcb Jul 11, 2006 12:12 PM

I like it!! Good job on a difficult model.


#8 HanW Jul 11, 2006 04:02 PM

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I no it....
There was another smal one.
Looks good Robin Andrew.

Greats Han.

#9 HanW Jul 12, 2006 05:41 AM

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He Robin Andrew.
Look what an nose.


#10 Thomas B Jul 14, 2006 11:01 PM

I do love seeing new shapes in the air and this one is really something!

#11 HanW Jul 18, 2006 03:36 AM

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Hoi Robin Andrew.

Hey thats looks good.

I will post an pict for David.
Hey is also interest of the Lapidar.

Greats Han.

#12 HanW Jul 20, 2006 01:11 PM

Hoi Robin Andrew.

Let me see new picts off your Lapidar.
He is finisch!!!!


#13 robin andrew Jul 20, 2006 02:18 PM

finished Lapidar
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Hi Han, just been out into the garden to do some pictures, cheers Robin
P.S. it's about 5lbs weight ready to go for 6ft6@ span, powered by 2x6cells by a Vortex c42 outrunner driving a 13x10 undercambered prop

#14 robin andrew Jul 21, 2006 11:13 AM

HI, I took it to a tarmac runway and it swerved into the grass edge on first take-off, breaking the wooden prop. The second take-off was straight up into two 30ft loops after a short run before I could stop it, but upon giving down elevator it dived slightly at speed so I let off and it did two more loops to the grass landing upside down. Broke the pilot and his seat off, thats all oh and another wooden prop; will have to push the CG much further forward.
At least I certainly have enough power on two 6 cell batteries, cheers Robin

#15 Work in Progress Jul 21, 2006 11:34 AM

It all sounds very exciting. Good luck with Round 2.

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