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#1 2dogrc Jun 10, 2006 08:31 PM

NEW PCM-PRO Dualsky Xpower Battery Balancer..2-4 Cells!
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The PCM PRO has arrived! This small unit can balance a two, three, or four cell battery while it charges or after a full charge! To use the PCM PRO simply connect the battery the unit, then connect the PCM PRO to any Li-Poly charger. During the charge cycle the PCM PRO will monitor and balance the battery pack!

Why do you need a PCM PRO? Balanced packs perform better because each cell is at the max voltage. Without a PCM PRO a pack could indicate fully charged with one cell undercharged and another overcharged! Also the PCM PRO will protect against over charging the battery. If you select to charge a 2s pack as a 3s pack, the PCM PRO will send an error signal to the charger.

With the PCM PRO your packs will last longer and provide more power in flight! This unit will work on all Dualsky, Electrifly, Align, Tronic, E-Flite and many other batteries.

Included are wires to connect to batteries and the charger.

Some of you are familar with a AstroFlight Blinky. This unit operates a litte different. This unit only balances a battery during the charge cycle, or on a fully charged battery. If you charge a battery on a non balancing charger, then plug it into the PCM-PRO it will level the voltages if they are above 4.20V. If you plug a hal discharged battery into the PCM PRO, it will do nothing since the batteries are below 4.2V.

These are available at www.2dogrc.com along with other fine Dualksy products. This unit retails for $29.99.

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