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#1 MikeSSS Apr 12, 2006 11:47 PM

Flights of fantasy...tell us yours.
I'll start.

When I was about ten I tried to fly my Christmas present WenMac Bonnanza in the park near our home. The control freak neighbor who lived behind us came out, took over and crashed it breaking off the control side stabilizer of the V tail.

I have always wanted to fly something in that park and recently I did. After transporting it almost 2,000 miles I flew my Lite Stick several times in the park and also flew it in a nearby field we used to play in. Cheap thrills, eh?

Also flew the LS at the glider field on the top of Harris Hill, where they had big time championship sailplane meets when I was a kid. More fantasy thrills!

Better 50 years late than not at all.

What's your story?

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