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#1 xterra Jul 03, 2002 08:38 AM

Sailplanes at the beach?
I have a Pheonix Cermark 2M sailplane and a Norvell Glassaire 400 2M sailplane. I am new to RC planes and have only flown the sailplanes a few times.I was headed to the beach for a week and wondered if people flew sailplanes at the beach. I have always flown in a field and would love to fly over the ocean/sand (risks of course). The concern I have is with the wind. The wind at the beach is quite strong and consistent. What max wind speeds are reasonable to fly in? Do people fly at the beach? Would something other then a Sailplane be better for flying at the beach (wrong forum for that question :) ). Your comments would be appreciated.

_ XT

#2 Ron Cichowski Jul 03, 2002 09:05 AM

Big problem if the beach is in use by the general public. I usually figure they have the "right of way" during beach season. Last thing I need to do is be involved in an accident with my plane and a person.

The other 9 months the beach is fair game. If you have the wind look for a slope and fly 'til the wind stops. If no major prevailing then look for lift from the water/land temperature differential. Just look for smooth sand on a landing. Planes slide well on sand and an imbedded rock will do signifigant damage.


#3 Michael Heer Jul 03, 2002 04:09 PM

Dear XT:
For years here in California going to the ocean to fly meant taking a slope glider and flying off of a hill over looking the ocean. When there was no wind we waited for wind and maybe highstarted a thermal plane up while we waited. With improved electrics many of us take an electric with us to fly in case there is no wind but we go to slope fly. In lite breeze I have had very long flights with electric planes such as you are describing without running the motor.
If the beach is empty there is no reason why you couldn't or shouldn't fly an electric there. I have flown out over the ocean and at first it feels daring but then later you have to go down to just above the waves for it to feel daring. Just don't fly over crowded beaches or populated shoreline/water areas.
Two decades ago when VCR camers were seperate from the heavy recorder units I remember being called a pervert by some young women on my first visit to Torry Pines near San Diego. They though I had my gear to take pictures of naked people such as they were planning on being on Black's beach. They just thought I was strange when they learned I was only going to be taking pictures from the top of the cliff of R/C gliders. have fun on your trip.

#4 oded mazor Jul 04, 2002 01:25 AM

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we fly at our slope over the med. sea. beautiful...

#5 oded mazor Jul 04, 2002 01:27 AM

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one more -

#6 tempest411 Jul 04, 2002 02:47 AM

Those are very nice pictures! Too bad the rest of the Middle East isn't as serene...

#7 DaleM Jul 04, 2002 06:43 AM

oded awesome pictures....

for me it's FINALLY here... I'm headed to where flight began as of Saturday. We're headed to Kitty Hawk, NC at the Outer Banx. I'm going to take the bug with me.

The dune up there should provide for awesome sloping. I'm curious about flight on the ocean side. Do you get lift off the beach and shoreline? Or do you just keep flying out over the ocean and back?

#8 oded mazor Jul 04, 2002 09:35 AM

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we fly along the clif's edge, trying not to loose the lift. occasionally, I get a little far away into the sea (above, not into ;) ) but not to far away...
I even sloped my twin star at this slope.

you can just sit back and fly around until you had enough (no need to worry about batteries...). and the scenery is the best (but like tempest411 said, not representing the entire middle east at the moment !).

good luck, Oded.

#9 WarrenKriesel Jul 04, 2002 02:05 PM

The guy at the lhs near Cherry Point, NC, told me that a club flies at Atlantic Beach, outside of Morehead City. I never saw anyone flying during my week's vacation there. Too bad because I wanted to see how they dealt with the wind.

#10 xterra Jul 04, 2002 02:41 PM

Beach NC
Thats interesting since I will be in Topsail NC, close to Atlantic. I too wonder about the wind....but no comments about it yet. Anyone?

#11 avie Jul 04, 2002 03:07 PM

I sometimes fly where Oded does (some of them were from Ga'ash, right?), and the more wind, the better!:D as long as it comes straight in (like at the beach), you have no problem. only be careful on landing, as you approach from behind the hill into (!) the wind, the air behind the hill will be turbulent:eek:

start with medium winds 10-15 mph, and from there, as much wind as you find. 50 mph before a storm as amazing !!!:p

one thing: trim your glider before throwing it over the cliff, to avoid surprises...


#12 ramair Jul 04, 2002 08:52 PM

no obstructions
in response to the wind,,if the wind is blowing inland and there are no obstructions to create turbulence,then you are pretty safe to fly in winds up to about 30 knots providing you have a fairly good glider,the air should be very stable and even if it isnt,it should be free of mechanical turbulence.
if you ever want to get good high wing experience,your in the right spot,but use your head and dont fly when there are to many people around
the only real rule is;;;;keep your nose into the wind and dont get blown over the back.
also like most said;;;find a slope,wait for the wind to blow straight up it and you will be amazed at the fun you can have!!!p.s. if the wind is hitting the slope at 45% or less,dont attempt it as there will be no or not much lift for an inexperienced flyier

#13 xterra Jul 05, 2002 06:11 AM

Landing in a cross breeze
Thanks for the advice. And great pictures, looks like a fantastic place to fly!

Well I will take this info and inspiration with me to the beach.

As I have not yet been to the beach with flying in mind, I do not have a spot selected yet. It is a pretty quiet beach so I should not have too many pedestrian issues. I may however need to land on the beach itself and I am accustomed to landing into the wind.
What are the rules of thumb for landing in a cross breeze?

What do I need to know about flying in high winds?

I have about 4 weeks so I will be training in the mean time, higher winds and cross wind landings.:cool:


#14 ramair Jul 05, 2002 06:29 AM

x breeze
x breez landings are not what you need to know,its landing approachs that you need to work on example,if you just simply do a bunch of figure 8 turns over the down wind side of the beach,you can then try to have your final into the wind for landing.
your ground speed is really reduced in high winds[unless you get pointed down wind!!!!!!]like i said in an earlier post; at the beach the air should be much cleaner than inland,its the best for learning both high wind and x wind

#15 avie Jul 05, 2002 06:41 AM

at the slope, and especially at the beach, you can land straight into the wind,and by doing this your ground speed would be very slow, as was said by ramair. if you do have to land with cross wind, dip the wing on the side where the wind comes from, and add some rudder if you have to crab into the wind. HOWEVER, in high winds you DON'T want to land with cross wind. it's a guaranteed crash!:eek:
for high winds, keep your nose pointing into the wind.for moving arounding, just turn the nose slightly and the model will drift side ways. note, in high winds, if you drop a wing to hard, it would act like a kite, and blow the glider away down wind!!

good luck

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