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#1 Dave Lauck Mar 24, 2006 11:48 AM

Jet ECU Real-time Data from Eagle Tree Systems, LLC
Eagle Tree Systems is excited to announce the availability of the Seagull Pro Jet Wireless Telemetry systems. The combination of our Pro telemetry system and our new Jet ECU Interface technology gives the Jet Pilot critical turbine and other data in real time.

Imagine, now you no longer need to guess at whether your turbine has flamed out, whether your battery pack is running low, or whether your airspeed is too low for a safe landing.

Our Pro Seagull system with ECU interface cable connects to your turbine's ECU (via your ECU's telemetry/GSU/data terminal port) and provides the following real-time information on the Wireless Dashboard's LCD screen:

* Turbine Temperature
* Turbine RPM
* ECU Pack Voltage
* Airspeed, Altitude
* ECU Pump Voltage
* Throttle Deflection Percentage
* ECU Status messages
* Other critical data you can use

And best of all, you can program alarms to sound if your turbine flames out (RPM or temperature too low), if your Pack Voltage drops below a preset level, if your airspeed is too slow or high, and much more!

The Seagull Pro Wireless Flight Data base system includes: LCD Dashboard/Receiver, Onboard Black Box and Transmitter, Brass Pitot/Static tube, temperature sensor, RPM sensor with magnets, t-fitting for static airspeed and altitude, 4 Y-cables for servo monitoring, battery backup cable, Windows CD with Virtual Instrument Display and Graphing, and instructions. Many optional modules are also available.

Eagle Tree currently provides ECU interface cables for JetCat, AMT Netherlands, and Gaspar/FADEC ECUs, with others coming soon.

For JetCat flyers in the USA, see BVMJets.com for our complete systems for your ECU!

See your dealer, or purchase directly from Eagle Tree if you cannot locate a dealer near you.

Click here for more information.

BVMJets, JetCat, AMT Netherlands and Gaspar/FADEC are trademarks of their respective companies. BVM Jets is the exclusive distributor of our JetCat ECU support in the USA.

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