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        Discussion crashed and busted some rotor-head parts on my WDF#4

#1 my_bd Mar 09, 2006 08:46 PM

crashed and busted some rotor-head parts on my WDF#4
broke the rotor head ring, rotor head core, and flybar rod.

should I just replace them with Walkera stock parts? or should I upgrade the whole head assembly to something better?
thought I read that someone was able to replace it with more common parts, can't remember what it was though....

#2 my_bd Mar 09, 2006 11:33 PM

those GWS DF parts look identical to the WDF4 parts

are they exact?

anyone know?

#3 my_bd Mar 11, 2006 11:53 PM

ok, she's back in the air!

I've ordered original wdf#4 replacement parts from rcandme.com, still waiting for those to arrive, will probably be another week or so at least. rcandme.com seems to be one of the most economical places to buy these parts and very reasonable shipping fees too.

but i couldn't wait!!!
so I decided to experiment in the meantime.

I picked up a number of parts for a Venom nightranger from a local rc shop, and managed to fit them in place of the walkera parts. they are somewhat similar in appearance to the wdf parts, but definitely not interchangeable.

I used these parts:
- venf-7519 main control link
- venf-7522 rotation hub assembly with bearings
- venf-7523 anti-rotation arm
- venf-7524 flybar control tray assembly
- venf-????? short control links (packaged wrong, don't know correct code)

the short control links seem a bit loose to me, can pop off easily compared to the original wdf ones.
But I've been flying the bird and these new ones have not popped off by themselves yet, so I guess they're ok.

I had to re-use the 2 set screws from the old flybar control tray to lock the flybar in place since the new tray did not include screws.
also had to re-use the old pin to lock the anti-rotation arm in place, didn't come with a new one.

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