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#1 rcdude Jun 04, 2001 10:13 PM

Where's the Fan Trainer by Steve Neil?
Just wondering about the progress. Does anybody have any news on this jet? It looks very nice and is a great beginner combo.

#2 Jun 04, 2001 10:42 PM

check with e.a.m. they'll be selling them.
i can tell you i've flown it and it's a sweet flyer.easy hand launch..........gregg

#3 GregG Jun 04, 2001 11:58 PM

What ever happened to Steve? I haven't seen a post from him in awhile.

#4 Jun 05, 2001 12:14 AM

he's suffering from too much work (studio cgi stuff).and a commercial with some flying sequences.and in his free time working on some prototypes.......gregg

#5 rcdude Jun 05, 2001 01:14 AM

Gosh, how you know all this stuff? I envy you.

From the look of the video Steve posted about his Fan Trainer, I just felt in love with it. I've heard that EAM will be carrying it but it's been a long time!!!! I am going insane.

#6 EAMRC Jun 05, 2001 01:26 AM

Patience, Patience.............

Pssssssst the WB-57 is almost ready, and flight testing is completed on the T-45 with a stock T-33 setup, not only does it fly but it flies good !!!

#7 Larry Dudeck Jun 05, 2001 08:36 PM


Expand a little on the T45. Any pix yet?

#8 EAMRC Jun 05, 2001 09:06 PM


I will be posting more info there in the next few days, the first release is for the Minifan and AP-29 once that is done we will do an optional ducting set for the Midifan

#9 dave_lilley Jun 05, 2001 11:34 PM

There is also another Steve Neill EDF on the way soon. http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/biggrin.gif

#10 cuzolio Jun 06, 2001 12:35 AM

BTW, Gregg,

What´s the status of the KP Fighter ?

#11 Ken Lapointe Jun 06, 2001 12:59 AM

What's that status of that Midi fan powered Goshawk? I have a motor and fan just waiting for something nice to put it in.


#12 steve neill Jun 06, 2001 02:42 AM

Thanks Dave, Dave and Gregg for the updates. It's true I'm working on a feature film which begins with a Chubby Lady two flying for the credit sequence. A small boy is supposed to be flying it. So far the little devils ( the movie company bought four of them and the equipment from EAM ) fly great so this should be a cake walk I hope.
It's true I've been designing new stuff for EAM, one is a twin jet german WW2 fighter but I'll let EAM tell you about that when the time comes. All I can say is your going to love it!
Right now we are doing instructions for the EDF OV- Thrush, in addition to that I'm building two more X-1's with the kits to follow. As soon as that's done I've been redesigning the Jet Trainer, rounder,smoother, faster and then Dave will be putting out the kits. This will all happen over the next two months. It takes time and I'm just one guy. Gregg will be on my team building and testing for us as we pick up speed. After that there's still the Vampire, which will be for EDF or prop along with the BD-5 which I have been testing as an EDF. Gregg is working on the the Mini jet trying to solve the engine, KP fan problems.
All this and the TV work I'm doing for the new " In Search Of " for the Fox network has made it hard to stay on top of E Zone but I will report back with the progress from time to time.
With Dave Lilley and Gregg keeping on top of it as they have I'm sure we'll all keep up to date.
Oh ya, I'm moving to Northridge on top of everything else.
Thanks for thinking about me, your a great bunch of guys!
Steve Neill

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