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#1 Robert Wagoner Jun 23, 2002 03:31 PM

EJF - press releases, ejets.tv, F-18 ARF, F-18 Super Hornet for 90 mm EDF
We are proud to announce a new internet domain name ejets.tv not only will
you be able to visit the Electric Jet Factory and our products you will
also be able to view electric jet video clips from us and others around the
world. If you have video clips of your jets please send them in, we are
glad to host them for you. We have many new ones queuing up
so visit often...


We are proud to announce our new F-18 ARF for the Mini Fan 480. The
dimensions and performance has been kept the same as our popular EJF/KC
F-18 laser cut version. You will get to your flying field faster with some
real jet fun. Current version is covered in the Blue Angles color scheme.
Transfer sheet included for additional lettering and detail.

$199.95 - EJF F-18 ARF kit.



We are proud to announce our new larger F-18 Super Hornet for the 3.5"/90
mm EDF units like the WeMoTec Midi Fan or (ICDF). Capable of both bungee,
Fixed or Retractable landing gear. This jet gives you real presence at your
flying field. All laser cut with similar construction as our popular EJF/KC
F-18 kit. Bring new excitement to your field when your able to Taxi out,
Takeoff, Fly your sortie, Land and Taxi back to your flight line. The
pictures show our EJF retract system installed.

$99.95 - EJF F-18 Super Hornet kit.


#2 docphi Jun 23, 2002 04:48 PM


Is the transfer sheet a set of decals?

#3 Robert Wagoner Jun 23, 2002 05:29 PM


The transfer sheet is sticky back that has all the logos and other details.

#4 birdseed Jun 24, 2002 09:33 AM

Dear robert,

F18 looks nice,
Can you tell me if you have any rafales in stock, heard a rumour they were temporarily out of production- can you confirm if they are and how much the fully composite one is - website says 250, but catologue says 200 or 300 for fully composite.


#5 Robert Wagoner Jun 24, 2002 12:11 PM


Thanks on the F-18, We are re-tooling the Rafale with a new airfoil and have not finished the work yet. Sorry, I don't have an exact finish date.

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