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#1 Whizwaz Jun 07, 2002 10:52 AM

My most recent NSP order
Called up Sal a while back, and asked a million questions about a suitable motor for the Mini Laser 3D. I wanted something different than the Astro, but brushless.
After the discussion, we decided on a motor (AXI 1215/16) and gearbox (MP Jet) combo, and that I would have to make an adapter to fit the motor to the gearbox. No big deal on my end.

Today, I get my order, and Sal has made the adapter, and the gearbox and motor are ready to go! All I have left is to fit it into the plane!

Now, how's that for service!! Big thanks to Sal and his minions!!

#2 sal Jun 07, 2002 02:04 PM


BTW...I am flying that setup in the Lil Luscomb Sport! I had a 280BB system in it with MP Jet drive and 9 x 6 APC prop. The Mini Axi motor with TMM speed control with MP Jet drive drops right in and takes the same adapter and prop!

Power is really good and flight times have gone up 30%. I am very happy!

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