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#1 Jeff Charlot Dec 21, 2005 11:29 PM

LEG's Jack Cooper is in town, dinner tonite?
Hey guys,

Jack Cooper from Leading Edge Gliders is in town for a couple days and wanted to meet up with some friends, old and new. We're planning on flying during the day, (wind permitting) and then meeting up for dinner later.

Dinner will be at the Proud Bird restaurant by LAX at 6:00p.m. Come on by and join us for dinner, jeans and t-shirts are the way to go. Hope to see y'all there! The Proud Bird was chosen due to the large selection of WW II warbirds in the front and back yard.

By the way, if I haven't mentioned it yet, Merry Christmas to all!

Jeff Charlot

#2 Chief High Horse Dec 21, 2005 11:36 PM

You know you can count me in.

Looking forward to dinner Thurs Dec 22nd.

So who knows where the flyable winds will be tomorrow?

#3 nauga Dec 22, 2005 07:59 AM

Can't make dinner, going to be flying Friday?

who is a little off.

#4 surfimp Dec 22, 2005 09:50 AM

See you guys there! :)


#5 timmig Dec 22, 2005 10:26 AM

Anyone flying Friday? Another light wind day but pick the spot and let's go!!

#6 surfimp Dec 22, 2005 11:22 AM

I hope to fly Friday, someplace in the South Bay if possible. I have the Weasel, Carbon Banana, Discus and McZero along, so I'm pretty much ready for anything. Let's dooo eeeet! :D

Mobile number: (805) 453-6461


#7 nauga Dec 22, 2005 12:35 PM

I'm in if it's coastal.

who has a short leash

#8 PGR Dec 22, 2005 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by nauga
I'm in if it's coastal.

I might go postal if the winds don't favor coastal soon.

Pete (who's been flying >> shudder << electrics lately)

#9 SchiessCo Dec 22, 2005 03:25 PM

I can't make it by 18:00, but barring any SigAlerts on the 405, I should be there in time for dessert and a drink.

No flying for me tomorrow - too busy moving Christmas presents for all those last minute internet shopping elves! Tomorrow will be one of the busiest days of the year. Ho, ho, ho.

#10 Slope Lift Dec 22, 2005 04:43 PM

Point Fermin is looking good right now!

#11 Brian Koester Dec 22, 2005 05:15 PM

Finally an Event right next to ME FOR A CHANGE! I could literally walk to the Proud Bird. FYI it's not a casual kinda place and is a bit pricey. Now Jeff, since you didn't mention a date is the other poster right that it's Thursday night and not Yesterday?

#12 Jeff Charlot Dec 22, 2005 06:51 PM

Oops, yup, it's tonight, the 22nd and we're heading there now. See y'all tonight!


#13 target Dec 22, 2005 08:28 PM

Jack can come by and see his old ME-109....


#14 Doc Holiday48 Dec 22, 2005 11:02 PM

So are any of you flying tomorrow? I got the drift that there is some interest. Fermin or White Point sounds good to me. Tim, Chris and the others are you still going? Some one make a decision and I will be there.


#15 PGR Dec 22, 2005 11:04 PM


Originally Posted by Doc Holiday48
Some one make a decision and I will be there.

Someone needs to invite the wind.


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