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        You know when your addicted to Slow Flying when.....

#1 Gman Jul 01, 2001 11:41 AM

You know when your addicted to Slow Flying when.....
Your wife notices that a few slats on the window blinds mysteriously went missing.

Your kids want to know why their kite won't fly any more because the CF rods somehow must have gotten lost..

The butcher at the grocery store hides in the back when he sees you coming because he knows what you are going to ask him for...

The Dollar Tree or any other "Anything for a Dollar" store becomes your favorite place to shop..

Any other suggestions http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/smile.gif

#2 Greg Covey Jul 01, 2001 05:12 PM

When 7 ounces is no longer your lightest ship! http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/smile.gif

#3 Fred Bronk Jul 01, 2001 06:56 PM

When I pause the movie for my girlfriend to use the bathroom, I go out and fly under the lights in the street! http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/cool.gif

Trips are now planned around flyins (not slowfly) and I think it's normal. http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/biggrin.gif

#4 Soarla Jul 02, 2001 01:55 AM

...when you think you're burnin' and a fly dashes past....

#5 jas_Qfix Jul 03, 2001 03:24 PM

You know you are addicted when you ....
keep watching the window to make sure you finish your latest mod before the sun sets.


#6 Brian Nixon Jul 03, 2001 03:47 PM

...When two mistakes high is 20 feet

#7 Pierre Audette Jul 03, 2001 03:50 PM

You don't mind getting swarmed by mosquitoes just to fly before the sunset. My plane actually seems to be used as a reconnaissance plane by seagulls, following it, thinking it's feeding on bugs!

And yes, my wife does ask me first if it's alright to discard meat trays.

#8 Shawn Davis Jul 03, 2001 04:57 PM

when butcher gone and buy a pack of ribs for the tray http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/biggrin.gif

#9 Arizona Chuck Jul 03, 2001 11:02 PM

When you have a "juicy" movie on the VCR and all you can think about is a problem your having on the latest design.
..AZ Chuck

#10 thrmaln Jul 04, 2001 12:12 AM

Hello All,

My house backs a park and I routinely hop the wall and fly my slow flyers. I am addicted so much that I am going to install a small light at the top of my chimney that my wife can switch on when dinner is ready. I am so sick of hopping the wall I plan to ask the city if I can put a small gate in. All this just to fly.

Marc Webster

#11 fly4fun Jul 04, 2001 12:50 AM

I just got my Pico Stick F. Now when I get home from work every day I check the wind to see if I can go fly. I love my stick.

#12 Wild Bill Jul 05, 2001 12:55 AM

...when you've been in and out of the sun all day, your hot,sweaty,tired, and even though the sun went down 10 min. ago and it's still over 100 degrees http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/eek.gif , and.... the only thing your trying to figure out is if you want to fly the Lite Stick or the IFO .....or walk 150' down the street and fly the Zagi at the 5 acres overlooking the field. Life's rough. http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/biggrin.gif Now you know why I say " stay http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/cool.gif "

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#13 AIR MOVER Jul 05, 2001 01:09 AM

or when you turn down sex to go work on your latest slow mo..ekkk say it aint sooo

#14 Paul Susbauer Jul 05, 2001 01:39 AM

You get rid of all these Dang slowflyers, so you have money to go buy........more slowflyers, and so on, and so on, and so on.

You decide to give up all the big stuff like Speed 400's and move to something a little smaller.

All your tools seem to be smaller, yet your fingers, are still too big.

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#15 PunkerTFC Jul 05, 2001 06:39 PM

when you haven't been to the field in over 6 months, because you don't need to go there anymore! http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/smile.gif


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