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        For Sale Huge sale!!Yokomo 1/12 worlds edition, crc 3.1, 12l3, epic batteries, nitro, ect!!!!!

#1 _nick_ Nov 25, 2005 11:30 AM

Huge sale!!Yokomo 1/12 worlds edition, crc 3.1, 12l3, epic batteries, nitro, ect!!!!!
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1/12 CRC 3.1

I have rtr crc 3.1, this has an associated front end on it, micro metel gear high speed stearing servo, GM V12 speed control,am futaba reciver(will work with jr/ futaba/ect), a set of matched yokomo 3300 nickle metal hydride batt's, a set of 3300 venom nickle metal hydride batt's, a batt jig, a stock 27t core stock, a body, it also comes with tires, a spair chassis, top pod plate, and rear body mount plate. this car is in exilent condition, all you need is a radio and your on your way.

$160.00+$15.00 for shipping


This is a beautiful car. It has never been ran EVER. It was just on of my spair rolers that sat on a shelf. It has brand new front trc tires, brand new rear crc tires, new bearings all around, brand new everything, it has never ben ran. It also has aluminum ajustable front axels, aluminum servo mounts, and a set of spair steering blocks. The chassis on this car is silver, with all of the aluminum parts blue. This car comes with a brand new never painted or cut body, and box. This is a 365.00 kit out of yokomo.

$160.00+$10.00 for shipping

1/12 Associated 12L3

I have a 12L3 in exelent condition, has aluminum servo mounts, micro high speed servo, pack of GP 3300 nmh's, tires, aluminum rear pods, stock 27t motor, this is a great rolller, all you need is a speed control and a radio.



2 sets of 4 cell matched 3300 epic monster metal zebra packs

$15.00 a peace +$5.00 to ship If you buy both $30.00 shipped

A novak XXl
For a JR am 75 mhz, it has a died black box, comes with originl box and instructions, looks brand new.

$35.00 shipped

Nitro Motor parts

O.S. Max RG .21 Has a small scack in case, has head, piston sleeve, shaft, carb and air filter, and an exaust manafold.

$15.00+$5.00 to ship (no piston or rod)

O.S. .15 Duratrax piston and sleeve
Fits all 15cv, 15cv-x, 15ld, 15ld-x, 15cv hyper, 15 cv-x hyper, 15cv-m, and 15 cv-max. This is brand new in package.

$35.00 shipped

All of this stuff has been taken care of, and is all in good condition. I will have pic's of everything in a few days. I take pay-pal and money order. I MIGHT have a few more thing on here in a few days. (t-maxx parts, ect)

Thank you for you time, if you have any question e-mail me at BCWolve20@Hotmail.com , or pm me.

#2 _nick_ Nov 26, 2005 10:02 PM


#3 _nick_ Nov 27, 2005 06:36 PM

o.s. 21 is sold, i batt is sold!!!!

#4 _nick_ Nov 30, 2005 08:46 PM

12L3 is sold, batt's ae sold, crc 3.1 is sold!!!!!

#5 _nick_ Dec 17, 2005 02:43 PM

ttt....yokomo is now down to 150 shipped, need to sell. Is their any 12 scale racers on this sight???

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