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        The Monsoon is Dead. Long live the Monsoon!

#1 dawsonh Sep 11, 2005 08:11 PM

The Monsoon is Dead. Long live the Monsoon!
Our Northern Arizona monsoon season has ended... the sucky SE flow has given way to the good SW. Gone is TD and E3D... bring on the slope ships.

Friday I had 20-30 SSW winds at Mormon Lake overlook.

Saturday was ballistic on top of Sheba Crater.... solid 35-40 with a measured gust of 57!

Sunday our Club Float Fly was blown out at Lake Mary so we packed up to Mormon Lake for a morning of great sloping... 20-25+.

It's great to be sloping again. Come up and join us for some Fall flying!


#2 Mark Wood Sep 11, 2005 09:54 PM

We here in SD are just glad the humidity has dropped. Whew! :)


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