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#1 RookieOne May 03, 2002 02:15 AM

GWS Piper J-3 Cub
Hi all,

I've took a GWS Piper J-3 Cub for indoor flying (outdoor too).

Anyone else?

Landing gear seems to be too fragile as well as the wing joint. Both halves glue together with double sided tape and that's not too much strong.

Any modification to be done?

There's an optional piece to disipate motor heat but I forgot to take it. How can I do the same with more standard stuff?



#2 Martin Hunter May 03, 2002 02:33 AM

check the parkflyers forum and do a search for the cub... you'll find reports and various mods to keep you busy for a while. The common weak spots are exactly as you mention, the key being the wing. Use epoxy and micro-balloons and it'll hold together better.

#3 russ6421 May 03, 2002 11:14 AM

Do a search but just about any of the Mods that have been done to the Tm or Stiks would apply here. It seem that the Cub kinda got lost in the rush to buy the TM. But most of us that have one like them great flyer but the wings have to be made stonger. And DON'T fly with out the wing struts or SNAP!Also the mounts for the wing struts should be turned 90 degrees on the wing and fusalage. And yes the wings won't hold up with the sticky tape to hold them together. I took mine and cut the wing tips off and turned the wings around so I now have square wing tips. :)

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