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#1 D-Man Aug 07, 2005 07:42 AM

Brushless motor sounds strange...again

I posted a thread yesterday about my strange sounding Nippy 1210/103 motor. A wrote this;

"I have just bought a Nippy 1210/103 brushless motor, with a Align 20A ESC and a 3 cells, 700mah LiPoly battery pack. The prop I have on is a GWS 10x4,7. The problem is that when I pull the throttle more than half the way, the motor starts to sounds strange. It's sounds like something rattles, or braking or something like that, and the motor loses it's effect. What is that!? Can somebody help me and tell me what to do!?"

But know I have found some more info about the ESC. For example, I found that the Align 20A ESC supports 2-10 pole in/outrunners motors. But my Nippy 1210/103 is 12 pole outrunner motor.
Is this the problem why the motor sounds the way it does!?
Can I not have the Align 20A ESC with teh Nippy 1210/103 motor maybe?
I have allready tried all the timing settings and so on, so it can't be that.


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