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        wattage sukhoi mods??

#1 buzzsaw 46 Apr 27, 2002 01:23 PM

wattage sukhoi mods??
Hi all

just picked up a sukhoi yesterday and was wondering about any usefull mods. Also what kind of amps does the stock drive system pull? I did see the thread reguarding wing AOI so I'm all good there I also planed on new wheels from the start so I picked up some du-bro micro lights. Does the firewall hold up OK or does it need some help? I did see one post about this but if only one person had a problem with it I'll leave it and take my chances.

Thanks Buzz

#2 DaJudge Apr 27, 2002 02:14 PM

You're gonna really enjoy this plane. I'm estimating a 7 amp draw static with the stock setup (which gives great performance). Mine will just about maintain altitude with the throttle trim up (no stick).

New wheels is very wise. The stock gear is fine for smooth hard surfaces, but not for grass.

You may end up having to strengthen the firewall at the bottom where the gear stresses it. The plywood tends to give at that point after a few landings, especially on grass.

#3 Mikerjf Apr 29, 2002 08:59 AM


I wouldn't recommend changing much of anything. The only changes I made to mine were dumping the canopy (used a canopy shaped hunk of foam) and most importantly I changed the blue to red and added Russian stars (now it looks like a Sukhoi). You can mess with the gear, but mine spends most of its time without it as I fly mostly off grass.


PS Forgot (CRS) the one thing I would do is fill the sides of the battery compartment with foam, it's pretty breakable as is.

#4 buzzsaw 46 May 05, 2002 10:41 AM

Just thought I would add a note, The Sukhoi must be a lot better out of the box than the Zero since there are 4 pages of mods on the Zero thread and only two replys too my original question. Hehehehehe just kidding there are probably alot more zeros flying than Sukhoi's but it still makes me wonder!!!!!:D :D :D

#5 Goge May 05, 2002 03:27 PM

I've flown this plane about 10 times now, and I'd have to say that it is GREAT out of the box. But-

-The wheels need to go. Yech.
-Reinforce the ply wall behind the landing gear "tab". I just filled in the gap with some ProBond or equivalent. But, you might be wise to actually put a chunk of balsa in there too. I haven't had any issues yet.

And that's about it, from memory anyway. Oh yeah, I did add a piece of CF running up the rear of the vert fin, just like they did with the horiz with the supplied fiberglass rod. I did the CF because someone posted saying theirs busted.

The motor/GB is noisy but effective. The furnished prop seems just right for it, too. I replaced it with a GWS EPS300C 3.75 ratio and have yet to prop it correctly, I felt like I actually got better performance with stock. It got my NiMH 720's nicely warm but not too hot. Everything I've done with the GWS has left them lukewarm. The GB is alot smoother and quieter though.


#6 buzzsaw 46 May 05, 2002 06:44 PM


I did the same as you to support the bottom of the firewall except I used 5min epoxy and it works very well I even tried to break the lower part of the firewall when I caught the landing gear on a power line pulled the whole firewall off and buggered up the lower half of the fuse to the wing leading edge but that little tab that hangs below the fuse is still just as it was before the mishap I know I was a little extreme with this test but it couldnt be helped:D

#7 Mikerjf May 06, 2002 08:33 AM

Actually, in defense of the Zero many of the guys using it are coming directly off a Tiger Moth or something similar. I think the threads would be even longer if they selected the Sukhoi. I know they would be longer if they selected the Sporty. Wattage learned a lot from the Sporty and the Sukhoi's the result. The Sporty's sold as S280 geared. Badly underpowered and very prone to tip stalls. It's biggest saving grace is that it's designed to go fast (0,0 incidence), the Zero's been getting a bad rap because GWS tried to cover all the bases and make it work fast or slow (S280, S300). The problem with that is when you make a slow plane fast and change nothing but the drive you've got an airframe that needs a load of down trim to handle the speed.


#8 buzzsaw 46 May 06, 2002 09:27 AM

Ya Mike

After reading threw the thread most of the posts are about installing retracts. I also think you are correct about the skill level of most of the people flying the Zero using it as an aileron trainer.

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