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        anybody know Mibo Modeli "spirit e"???

#1 trashmanf Jul 22, 2005 03:37 PM

anybody know Mibo Modeli "spirit e"???
Hi, I've found _no_ information at all about this 'hotsailer' (as their website calls it) it looks to be about exactly the same as the micro flash but 20" more wingspan and flaps. i think its just what I need! I was just wondering if anyone else had heard of this model at all or know someone that's flown one? you can find info on it at www.mibomodeli.com and go to electric sailplanes---spirit e or check out "hotliners" on www.espritmodel.com and it's near the bottom, it's just called "spirit". I like it because it looks fast but maybe should be able to thermal on a good day... any info would be greatly appreciated!


#2 Heather Jul 22, 2005 04:09 PM

I have one in a box ready to build, my partner Ian has one built and has flown it a bit.

It's quite different to the microflash, it has a nosecone with integral battery tray, 2 piece plug in wings and plug in V-tail halves. The wing section is MH-30 at 7.5% so actually its nothing like the Micro flash!

Its a lovely plane to fly, nice and fast but yes it does thermal, flaps help here to dial in a bit of camber.

There's a few little gripes about its construction, but overall pretty good. The plug in V-tails have dubious value as there is a bit of slop, my partner just glued his in as he is flying it in F5F so did not trust the plug in for fear of flutter.

The layup on the fuselage is a bit on the heavy side for competition but fine for sport flying as it can handle those "not so perfect" landings.

I'll try and do a build thread when I put mine together. I've got all the bits, just need the time.

Mine will be getting:

Kontronik FAI10 Motor/Gearbox
MGM Compro 120A ESC
10 GP3300's
Hitec HS-56 Servos all round
Prop: to be decided


#3 wingbeat Jul 22, 2005 07:06 PM

Using search turns up some discussion threads on the Spirit E.

#4 Wetcoast Jul 23, 2005 08:33 PM

Link to Spirit E thread
Here you are,


I have seen the Mini Flash with a mild motor setup and I think it was good value for the Flight performance and build Quality.

Just remember you generaly get what you pay for, I would not be to inclined to toss a huge motor and Battery package in to it and fly the life out of it untill it has been proven to hold up to this type of abuse. That being said I'm thinking one would be nice to have.


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