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#1 Whacky Jun 13, 2005 11:03 AM

My new 8.7" toy.
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Hi there,

2 Days ago i bought this little plane at my local toy store for 25euro, its from a firm called Silverlit and is made from Epp, has two 6mm motors/45mm props and a FullRiver 130mA Lipo (3.8 grams 6c/10c rated).
Wing spann is 22cm ~ 8.7".
Length is 24cm ~ 9.5".
AUW is 18grams.
Receiver is hafe the size of a bit receiver :)

It has a 9V proportional transmitter, speedcontroll has 7 steps, it has a steering trimmer and steering is full left/right (one motor starts to turn faster) and a onboard lipo charger.

I made a few testflights although it was a bit windy and it seems to fly ok, level flight is at position 2...3 of the speedcontroll but the turns are a bit wide.

Would it help to place the motors furter to the wingtips and would it have some effect if i pointed them a bit outwards See last pic.

I want to strip the gear out and make a lighter biplane with a wingspann of 11" but it has to turn a bit faster.

Thanks Mark.

#2 micro_builder Jun 13, 2005 12:38 PM

almost looks like a bipe version of the aero-x. not a bad package, lipo charger and all. i think using a JMP with rudder/elevator would make it handle nicely and take care of those big turns (the only plane i've ever flown that turned sharply with thrust differential was the megatech wright flyer). thanks for posting it, i'll have to look for one of those :)


#3 Whacky Jun 13, 2005 02:10 PM

Well i would like to build another plane from its parts, i think i got a great deal the lipo alone cost's half of the total price so having some motors, props and a charger and some lightweight equipment is well spend money. Not to mention that is it very hard to find this small stuff around here.

For now i will leave it as is so i can learn to fly with trust differential, this plane is indestructable.


#4 Pete P Jun 13, 2005 02:12 PM

I like it!!! I'll have to look around for it. I hope we get it here on this side of the pond.

#5 micro_builder Jun 13, 2005 02:23 PM

i dont see it on their web page, what is the plane called? thanks


#6 Whacky Jun 13, 2005 02:31 PM

Well i looked for it and could not find it either but here is a link to a site that sels them: http://www.brandora.de//ProductPage....PPs=1&ItoWL=0&

I bought it from a lokal toy store will look for the box an see if some other company has sold it under there name, but the elektronics say Silverlit.
will keep you posted.


#7 Inari Jun 13, 2005 03:02 PM

That IS a niflty little bugger. I could not find that model on Silverlit's web site either. However, it looks like that company is embroiled in some child-labor controversy: http://www.silverlit.com/announcement.htm. Interesting what you discover unintentionally.

Let us know if you end up building something else from the parts.


#8 Whacky Jun 13, 2005 03:11 PM

:) Well just back from a little flying, after adding some nose weight and trimming the tail a little it would fly remarcably well, nice stable flight and when tapping the steering it made a nice flat circle.
if you hold the stering longer it made a turn in a 8 to 10 foot circle but recovery was awfull, it looses height en starts flying as if it was tail havy after some "hops" it recovers to level flight though.
This was the first windfree evening in a long time, hope i get more of these :)

O the box also said Silverlit electronics so i don't know why it's not on there site :confused:


#9 micro_builder Jun 13, 2005 04:24 PM

i'm guessing its brand new and hasnt been put on their site yet, either that or its old and its being discontinued. i did a google search and it seems to be an "over the pond" item only, all the resulting web pages were in german. i'm hoping its possible to find one in the US, the smallest off the shelf bipe i've seen is the one that Estes sells, and that had about a foot long wing span per wing.

glad to hear that its a good flyer out of the box though.

sounds like silverlit got some bad publicity with that news, but myself personally have been apart of companies that are ISO certified. and knowing how strict it is to be ISO certified, i have a hard time believing that they could be called a sweat shop and be using child labor. it should be interesting to see how that turns out, i hope they win any court battles they enter into against the news company.


#10 ilaurencet01 Jun 14, 2005 02:52 AM

Had this way before, flys really well climbs well in the wind too!


#11 hklam Jul 03, 2005 11:08 PM

Dear All

I purchased one about 2 weeks back from one of the local departmental store in my town. Tested it the first night to check that the lipos and motors are working. Pasted the decals provided accordingly.

The plane itself looks captivating, and really light for an rc plane. The following day when I flew it during windy conditions, I lost control of it and it flew away. Thankfully, I managed to recover it a tree where it was stuck to.

That same night when the air was still, I decided to fly it in at a nearby playground and it flew beautifully. It had a tendency to go nose up and stall at full trottle, hence need to pull back to minimal trottle for level flight. Once on level flight, this little baby does fly. Managed to do a few fly arounds just above my head and what a feeling to just see it hover above!

Have been flying it since every evening during not so windy conditions at the local field and at times at the nearby lighted basketball court when I feel like putting in some flight times during the night when the air is still.

Superb manuveurability and unbreakable from the many crashes and bumps. For the price that I paid for which is approximately USD26, it is really worth the money.

#12 Whacky Jul 04, 2005 10:46 AM

Try to add a little nose weight (m5 washer) it will remove the noseup tendancy, it also recovers better from a sharp turn.
Just stick it on with some tape and experiment a bit, do not adjust the tail section becouse it will react on even the slightest movement of the elevator/rudder (unless the plane does not fly straight).
I have a lot of fun with it and it survived a lot of crashes against trees and sidewalks. :rolleyes:


#13 RolfPW Jul 07, 2005 08:09 AM

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2 Days ago i bought one at toysRus and yesterday a second one (25euro).
@ Mark, the m5 washer works fine.
Ok, i opened up the second one and removed the equipment.
My pesola tells me:

1 motor + prop + holder ~ 2g
lipoly ~ 3.8g
rx ~ 2g


#14 Whacky Jul 07, 2005 10:54 AM

whell is see them in more stores now for 25euro and i'm thinking of buying a nother one, they are so cheap and fun to fly.
Maybe i strip the first one and try to build a plane for this equipment.


#15 SON OF PALEFACE Jul 09, 2005 02:50 AM

Hi all, I just got 1 at TOYS-R-US in Adelaide $40 ozzy its in thier latest cattle dog...its called R/C X-Twin by Silverlit electronics...made in CHINA
has a web site on the box www.silverlit-flyingclub.com , I havnt been there yet
There is 2 models , a biplane, and a single wing...27 MHz..am waiting for low wind to fly
I will test glide it to check the glide/C.G. , looks good, will report back on flyt results:)

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