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        Question my li-poly charger that came with battery isit ok or not ????

#1 helli crashed Jun 06, 2005 03:29 PM

my li-poly charger that came with battery isit ok or not ????
iv gust looked at the charger that cam with my battery 11.1v 1800mah li-poly 3 cell that came from honk kong :o

says on it
beyond charger
model; ab41-060a-100t
input; 100-240v ac

i have charged the battery 2 or3 times with it and the battery dont even get worm ther is a small light on the frunt that starts out red then after a time changes to green i presum this indicats the charger has turned itsself off as battery is charged, at this point i disconect it :)

the bit that conserns me is the small righting on the bottem of the charger it says (with the hellp of a magnifing glass) intended for office machine/equipment only :eek: and allso came with a travel adapter to plug it in to

and thay put a self printed stiker on the frunt( li ion battery charging time 1:30 hours) so shud i be conserned :confused: or gust keep with it ????

the more i read thes threds the more poronoied i get are thay that dangerus that i should put it out side :eek: i dont take it off my helli just un plug it and sits on the desk in the house but now im thinking i shuled put it out :confused:

#2 john howard Jun 06, 2005 03:46 PM

I don't know what charger you have and the battery should not get warm at all.I would recomend taking it off of your heli because if something goes bad you will probably loose you heli as well as the battery.I don't charge any of mine outside but i do stay with them the whole time they are charging and i use a temp probe as a fail safe while charging.I said i don't charge them outside,what i mean is when i am at home i don't go outside just to charge them.I will charge them in my truck while going to some events if i don't have the time before i go and i haven't had any problems except for two of them getting hot in flight and swelling up like a baloon because i didn't have any vent in the planes for airflow.Just go by the rules for charging them and you should be ok.

#3 autoair Jun 06, 2005 04:28 PM

Using a digital Voltmeter check your fully charged voltage is between 12.48V to 12.68V straight from the charger. For a further check if you can get an Ammeter in series during charging without any risk of shorting anything check that at no time does the charging current exceed 1.8A (1C) for your pack. meet both of these criteria and you'll be fine.


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