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        Mini IFO first flight , just one silly question though...

#1 Jeremy_D May 30, 2001 03:59 AM

Mini IFO first flight , just one silly question though...
well i flew the mini ifo for the first time this evening under some park lights.
Setup is as follows.

GWS dx-a- 10/4.7
2x gws naro's
hitec feather 8 cell 280 nimh pack.

Seeing it was dark I only did a few circular circuts on low rate, not bad. Tried hi rates and wow, this baby really turns fast!!.

Just out of interest .. lets say when have full left aileron up should I have the right one down the same amount or would I be better to reduce the throw of the down aileron?? lets say to half to stop it inducing an airbrake effect, that may make it turn with some nose down..

All input would be great as I am doing an indoor fly this fri night in a single gym.


#2 Jeremy_D May 31, 2001 07:04 PM

C'mon guys, someone must have one of these planes..


#3 BleuBuck May 31, 2001 07:24 PM

That phenom is called Adverse Yaw. And... Yes, decreasing the "down" travel of the aileron will help counter this effect. That way there is more drag on the side of the direction you are rolling.
I don't have eny experience with the IFO (or much with small electrics in general) but I set up my larger glow-powered planes like this all the time.
Good Luck!

#4 Dan Kreigh Jun 01, 2001 02:07 AM

Hi Jeremy,

At the SWAC model show in Texas, I had a chance to fly an IFO with differentially set ailerons (actually elevons). I had a tough time flying it and I personally don't think it works for flying wings since the "ailerons" are also the elevator. So with differential aileron input, you're also commanding an unwanted "up" elevator. One can get used to it by commanding down elevator in the turns but than that defeats the original idea of differential aileron movement. Good question...just my two cents.

Dan Kreigh www.flyifo.com

P.S. My IFO mk3's weigh between 9oz up to about 11oz

#5 Jeremy_D Jun 01, 2001 02:56 AM

Thanks for getting back to me guys, I just had the little beast down the park about an hour ago, wow it can really go, inside and outside loops and all the rest. First indoor flight tonight in a single court. wish me luck..


#6 Mike Smart Jun 01, 2001 03:05 AM

Dan should know, but my Mini IFO has probably 45 degrees aileron movement in each direction and doesn't seem to suffer. I wouldn't worry about it - just enjoy http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/biggrin.gif

May I take this oppurtunity of thanking Dan for such a wonderful aeroplane. I only happened to buy a Mini IFO because our field was closed due to the Foot & Mouth crisis in this country. It has been a complete revelation, now that we have the field back, outdoor flying of 'normal' models seems entirely boring. I have flown just about every type of model over the years and can honestly say that I have never had so much fun as I have with the Mini IFO.

Mike Smart

#7 BleuBuck Jun 01, 2001 07:32 AM

I Forgot that this was an Elevon bird!!! http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/wink.gif

#8 Jeremy_D Jun 01, 2001 05:51 PM

Wow, thanks for all the responses. I flew it indoors last night for the first time. not bad. I'm using a 8 cell pack but might change to 7 for indoor. It's perfect for what I need though. Next flight will be off the top deck of my parents house with the 8 cell pack.


#9 Danny Troy Jun 01, 2001 06:23 PM

I'd like to thank Dan also for this great model. I had lots of problems at first with my IFO MKIII, but it was due to radio glitching and not the design of the model. I finally got everything working perfectly, but not until several nose in crashes that did a number on my Litespan covering. I bashed the kit a bit because I wanted a more positive elevon control, so I added a conventional hinge setup: http://www.dannytroy.com/IFO%20aileron%20setup.jpg
It really does fly great, and is super stable. Dan once told me the CG wasn't overly critical and this is definitely true. It's nice to be able to throw different size battery packs with worrying about the CG. I soldered on a light guage piano wire antenna and that is working great. Even though it's shortened I get all the range I need. I like the fact that my at field repair kit consists of a roll of Scotch tape. Someday I'll get aroung to re-covering it. BTW...the Hitec 555 and the Jeti ESC shown in the photo will be replaced with a lighter FMA Extreme 5 and a Pixie 7P which should be here any day.

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