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#1 mefly2 Apr 05, 2002 09:42 AM

F/S Cockpitmaster Flight Sim w/JR interface

Cockpitmaster Flight sim. w/ JR interface. Has original box.

$65 shipped

#2 mefly2 Apr 05, 2002 10:42 PM

This price is OBO, of course. New w/interface is $75 plus shipping

I would like to sell because I cannot use it on my computer (Windows XP). Interface doesn't work.

#3 mefly2 Apr 07, 2002 01:35 AM

I know..bump, bump:)
I will consider any reasonable offers, It is a pretty nice sim, maybe not as good as RF, but neither is the cost.

This sim works fine on XP using keyboard or a joystick, I just want to get one that I can use my tx with. Sim should work good on anything else. Comes w/several planes, including Pico stick, Pico Cub, and Zagi, an electric C-130 also. You can also download several new planes free from CM website. If no one wants it, I'll probably go to e-bay.

#4 Flying Low Apr 07, 2002 06:44 AM

Silly Questions
Do you have a box big enough to ship the flight simulator, or will cut it in half in order to "sended" it? :D
Also, does the flight simulator have a setting for simulating a plane that has been cut in half and epoxied back together? :p


PS - How's the progress on the reconstruction of the "NAU-TY?"

#5 mefly2 Apr 07, 2002 08:40 AM

:D :p

Well, I already broke it three peices and crushed the original box down to about the size of an orange, had to drive over it a couple times with my 4-wheeler to do it, but don't worry, I'll sended some epoxy and packing tape, should only take about ten minutes to fix....plus, after all the work I did for you as a favor, I now raised the price to $384.92 for my trouble.

I sendedededed it 2months ago, it should show up never, thanks.

(I'll get you back, Adam...:D )

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