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#1 realglow Mar 31, 2005 11:02 PM

Model AutoGyro Magazine Articles
To save you some searching for these RC Magazine articles on AutoGyros:

Model Airplane News, May 1957, "Gyro Glider", by Paul E. Del Gatto
Model Aviation, Apr 1977, "Windmills and Flapping Wings", by Hal deBolt
Model Airplane News, Sep 1977, "deBolt's RC Autogiro", by Hal deBolt
RCM&E, Nov 1987, "GYRACE"
RC Model World, Oct 1989, "WHIRLIGIG"
Model Builder, Mar 1991, "SCHLUTER 'WHOPPER' AUTOGYRO"
RCM, May 1992, "THE WHISTLER", by John Kallend
RCM&E, Oct 1992, "AL's AUTOGYRO", Part 1
RCM&E, Nov 1992, "AL's AUTOGYRO", Part 2
Model Airplane News, Jul 1997, "FINAL APPROACH"
RCM, Nov 1997, "ROTARY WINGS & WHIRLIGIGS", Part I, by Hal deBolt
RCM, Dec 1997, "ROTARY WINGS & WHIRLIGIGS", Part II, by Hal deBolt
RCM, Jan 1998, "ROTARY WINGS & WHIRLIGIGS", Part III, by Hal deBolt
RCM, Jan 1998, "DC AUTOGYRO", by Emilio Cabezas
RCM, Feb 1998, "ROTARY WINGS & WHIRLIGIGS", Part IV, by Hal deBolt
RCM, Aug 1998, "ROTARY WINGS & WHIRLIGIGS", Part V, by Hal deBolt
Model Airplane News, Oct 1998, "PRAIRIE GYRO"
Electric Flight International, Feb 2000, "SPARKY"
RCM, Feb 2000, "GIRO V" by Hal deBolt
RCM, Jul 2000, "GIRO V - Improvements & Updates", by Hal deBolt
RCM, Oct 2000, "A Simple & Robust Rotor Head with Infinite Control", by Hal deBolt
RCM, Aug 2001, "Wind Tunnel Tests of Autogyro Rotors", by Garber & Friedlander
RCM, Apr 2002, "GYRO SHTICK" by Randy Wrisley

Please add threads to highlight other magazine articles you have identified.

#2 David A Ramsey Apr 01, 2005 09:30 AM

RCM Magazine, January 1991, Robbe/Schluter "Whopper" Autogyro.

#3 boberos Apr 01, 2005 04:06 PM

Model Builder, Dec 90, FA 61 by Skip Ruff, wingless semiscale twin rotor design.
M.A.N. Mar 93, Osprey, Twin rotor

#4 boberos Apr 01, 2005 04:22 PM

RCM,Feb. 97, Flyin report.
M.A.N., July 92, Autogyro story.
RCM Magazine, July 97, Whistler Review
RCM Magazine, Mar. 98,Gyronuts '97 Report
RCM Magazine, Mar. 02, Gyronuts flyin at Hudson WI.
FM , Aug. 04, SPIN DOCTOR, small twin rotor

#5 realglow Apr 01, 2005 06:50 PM

AutoGyro(AutoGiro) Kit/Arf Product Review Articles
RCM, Nov 1999, "'2D' Autogyro" by AutoGyro Co. of Arizona
RCM, Jan 2001, "1923 Cierva 'C-4''" by AutoGyro Co. of Arizona
RCM, Jun 2001, "Kellett YG-1B" by AutoGyro Co. of Arizona
RCM, Oct 2004, "1935 Pitcairn PA-22 'Cabin' Autogyro Kit" by AutoGyro Co. of Arizona

#6 realglow Apr 19, 2005 08:32 AM

Updated - added MAN, 9/77, deBolt's R/C Autogiro

#7 mnowell129 Apr 19, 2005 08:16 PM

Popular Mechanics, July 1962, "Remember the spinning-wing autogiro", Roy L. Clough Jr.
MAN, May 1957, "Gyro-Glider", Paul E. Del Gatto
Model Aviation, December 1982, "anyone for autogiros?", Bill Hannen and Warren Shipp
Model Aviation, November 1981, "Let's Talk About the R/C Autogiro", Jack Headley
RCM, January 1978, "Rotoruta", Jack Headley
RCM, November 1977, "Super Libelle", Helmut Meyer
R/C Model Builder, Sept 1979, "Synchrogyro", Georges Chaulet
Rotor&Wing, Sept 1996, "The History of Cyclic Pitch", R.W. Prouty
RCM&E, April 1975, "R/C Autogyro"
Aeromodeller, March 1975, "Twin Gyro"
MAN,??,"The Flying Banana"
MAN,Jan 1948,"Autogiro Theory", Roy L. Clough, Jr.
MAN,March 1948,"A Sure Fire Autogiro", Roy L. Clough, Jr.
MAN,August 1948,"English Gyro to Clough Specs", Roy L. Clough Jr.
Popular Science, ?? 1954,"Co-Axial Autogiro Kite", Roy L. Clough Jr.
Air Trials, Sep 1955,"TanGiro Twin CL Autogiro", Roy L. Clough Jr.
Science and Mechanics,Nov 1962,"Whirlybird Co-Axial Autogiro Kite", Roy L. Clough Jr.
Flying Models, Aug 2002,"Gyroliner", Roy L. Clough Jr.

#8 iter Apr 29, 2005 07:43 PM

FlyRC, Jan 2005, "Autogyro Company of Arizona Gyro/Lazy Bee", Thayer Syme
My direct competitors :=)

#9 realglow May 22, 2005 08:27 AM

Anyone else want to add a reference?

#10 electrotor May 23, 2005 07:34 AM

Modellflug May 2005 Vompe Mk.3
http://www.modellflug-international.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid= 135

#11 iter Jul 16, 2005 02:22 AM


Originally Posted by realglow
RCM&E, Nov 1987, "GYRACE"

Full-size Gyrace bluprints are available from Bob Holman. I can't find it on his site, but if you call him, he'll be happy to sell you a copy.

realglow, do you think it could be a good idea to aggregate all of the followups here in your original post?


#12 electrotor Jul 16, 2005 04:35 PM

RCM&E August 2005, Second Time Around by Colin Sudds

#13 modinegunch Sep 18, 2006 10:51 AM

RADIO CONTROL MODEL FLYER, September 2006 "Kellett Autogyro", review by Dave Nelles, pp. 54-56. Not only reviews AUTOGYRO COMPANY of ARIZONA's 1/5th scale "Kellett" kit but has the model posing with the "Man" himself, Wing Commander Ken Wallis. (Flew "Nellie" Wallis gyrocopter in the James Bond Movie.)

#14 modinegunch Dec 02, 2006 10:33 AM

"FlyR/C" Kit Review of ACofAZ's "Scamp" ARF Autogyro
February 2007 issue of FlyR/C Magazine has a kit review of Autogyro Company of Arizona's "Scamp ARF" Combo Autogyro. Starts on p.#127 through p.#128.

#15 Thayer Dec 13, 2006 10:00 AM

Slight typo above. It is actually pg. 124-128.


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