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#1 davidcollins001 Feb 15, 2005 01:35 PM

What do you do if you have no materials?
I have all the Rc equipment that I need, but I don't have any constuction material, but I want something to fly now.

I was just wondering what you guys all do when you have all the equipment from a model that flew into a wall, or was ploughed into the ground, and are dying to make a new model but have run out of balsa or foam or what ever.

#2 epilot Feb 15, 2005 01:40 PM

I buy new foam or balsa ;)

Not true really, I stock enough material to build hundreds of models. Buy a few extra sheets of building material next time you go shopping.


#3 slipstick Feb 15, 2005 02:50 PM

Can't remember sorry, it must be about 40 years since I was last completely out of building stock. But I can't imagine not being able to find anything these days. Foam is so widely available in DIY stores or even being thrown away outside almost any electrical/PC/furniture etc store. You may even have the foam packing from some purchase lying round at home (in my case it's probably up in the attic).


#4 derk Feb 15, 2005 03:40 PM

depron plates! they make nice roundish wing planes.


#5 ronmar1 Feb 15, 2005 04:04 PM

Old coroplast campaign signs, foam meat trays, if you look around building materials are all around. Take 2 or 3 old planes and make one. The opertunities are as endless as your imagination.


#6 watersharer Feb 15, 2005 06:09 PM

like some of the other comments, I cant imaine any more not being able to find something that I could hack into the air. Couple dozen coffee straws from the office, maybe a grocery store veggie bag, carton of eggs, either I am making breakfast or building, maybe both?

You can usually go to the meat market at the local grocery and strike up a friendship with the butcher. Just promise to make him something to fly too, and of course follow up on that promise, you will be showered in meat trays. I built one of the local guys a freeflight glider and he gave me about 40 trays.

#7 bykrdan Feb 15, 2005 09:41 PM

I've been saving all the foam packed around stuff my wife buys, my to-go Depron boxes, and I paid a whopping $0.79 for some pie plates. Oh, and I found a nice, big, fat chunk of BluCore foam lying in the park one day! Awesome!

I also have some Wal-mart sturdy board I bought a couple years ago, and have been using ever since. I think I paid a buck or two for that.

I have been happily hacking out airframes for about a year now from these materials, and they were all free, or close thereto! :^)

#8 davidcollins001 Feb 16, 2005 12:54 PM

I have just come to the end of the pizza bases that I was using, and I can't find any model shops around here. I will start searching through the attic for packing foam, and start saving the food trays :)

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