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#1 splat man Mar 15, 2002 04:23 PM

BalsaCraft Bristol Blenheim
Just picked up one of these for about $70. Just can't resist scale twins. has anyone built/flown one. The kit reccomends 2 sp600's. Is there any possibility of using geared 480's? I don't know how well a single pack will handle two direct drive sp600s. I also have a pair of great planes .40-size mechanical retracts that are looking for a home. Any help appreciated.


#2 splat man Mar 15, 2002 04:25 PM

Let me clarify: will these retracts work in this plane?

#3 leccyflyer Mar 15, 2002 05:11 PM

Hi Splatman

There was a recent Blenheim thread that you might find useful


Hope that helps


#4 John E Mar 17, 2002 05:53 AM

Hi guys,

I only got them in this week, but I really do like the idea of a pair of Model Motors AXI 2814/12 and the Model Motors 40A ESC for the Blenheim.

I ran the hotter wind 2814/10 on 8 cells a couple of days ago and only drew 26A to turn a 9.5x5 at 10 000 revs, so give the milder wind 2814/12 a very slightly smaller prop, and we could keep the pair under 40A (but the Model Motors ESC has protection anyway)

We could also put a "twin drive" deal together.

BTW, The motors only weigh 131g each and are S600 fitting.

#5 splat man Mar 18, 2002 11:47 PM

The amp draw on a couple of sp 600's (8" prop) seems to total up to about 50-60amps. This seems way too high for a single 8c cp2400. How about a couple MAX48 geared with a 9x6? P-calc shows about 32 oz static while drawing about 14-15 amps (this is with 10 cells). These would be lighter than s600's (7-8 oz) and would extend the run time. With retracts I am aiming for about 70 ozs (with MAX48). Can 2 long-can s400's really fly a 60", 4-5 pound aircraft? I need to solve this power system problem quick!

#6 KBerger Mar 19, 2002 01:33 PM

I am flying the Blenheim (pictures -> see the other thread) with two Speed 600 Type motors and 8x4 props -> the max. current is about 45 A. For normal flying you can reduce the throttle to the half.

If you try to reduce the weight with lighter motors you have to build the tail very light !!!
My plane with the recommended drives and a fixed undercarriage has the battery at the foremost position and I use an additional small battery in th canopy area to achive a slightly tailheavy cg position !


#7 temacc Mar 19, 2002 09:03 PM


Thanks for that note about "tail-heavy" - I have not started building my BB yet, so I can carve out a bit of weight before the parts get glued.

Incidentally, it looks like Luan or some kind of ply for some of the parts...do you feel it needs that heavier (than balsa) wood?



#8 KBerger Mar 21, 2002 01:55 PM

with the exception of the tail weight is no real problem.
Due to some modifications (e.g. undercarriage) my Blenheim weighs about 2.5 kg and flies great - my impression is that the higher weight gives a more scale-like flying !


#9 Brill 1 Mar 21, 2002 02:51 PM

Available in the USA?
I have been looking for one of these kits. Is there a source for them in the USA? Anyone know?

I really like the looks of the Balsacraft kits and have many reviews of the kits. Everyone seems to review them very high.

Thanks for any information.


#10 temacc Mar 21, 2002 03:11 PM

My understanding is that the kits are discontinued...I bought the last that Tammies Hobbies had.

You might post to the Open Discussion thread something like: "WTB Bristol Blenheim kit" and see if you get any responses.



#11 Airnut 2 Mar 22, 2002 06:24 AM

I am also building a Balsacraft Blenheim, the fuse and tail feathers are finished. I will also be using a "Real "(Clear) canopy and gun turret that I obtained from a fellow in England.(Brian Leadley)He also sent me pics of his and a sketch how to modify the fuse so that you don't have to remove the wing to replace the nicad pack. Great help!
I built my tail surfaces with scale outlines and fabric covered the elevators and rudder, replacing the solid wood for ribs.
My dilemma now is that I can't decide what motors to use
Most use stock Speed 600's with good success, but I am considering Speed 480 Race's with inline gearboxes. They are about 3 times the price of 600's but are lighter and draw less current, (longer flight times) but will they give me enough power to fly it? I don't want to use large folding props on it either, maybe fixed 3 bades. Any suggestions?

P.S. If anyone wants to write to Brian about the canopy, heres his e-mail address:

#12 Sabrejock Mar 22, 2002 07:05 AM

480 Race/Cosmo GB
Airnut: I have the 480 Race BB/Cosmo helicals 4.5:1 mounted in mine. It's not ready to fly yet, but the 9-6 APCe seems to be the one I'll start with. Gives a nice low 12-14A per side so the CP1700's should last a reasonable time. Tex.

#13 salat Aug 19, 2007 02:35 AM

Balsacraft Blenheim for sale

#14 leccyflyer Aug 19, 2007 06:17 AM

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If you want your appetite whetted here's a picture of my pal Kev's Blenheim - modified to take the battery through the nose, so as not to need the wing removing for charging.

#15 salat Aug 19, 2007 01:56 PM

Does it contain LGs?

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