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#1 hoppy Mar 07, 2002 07:54 PM

Ultimate Biplane Templates for Foam Construction Here
See the Ultimate Biplane Zip file in the referenced RUL for all templates for making the Ultimate Biplane from depron/meattray/fanfold/etc foam. This is a Speed 300 powered aerobatic elevator/aileron model that flies nicely. 24" wingspan, 18" length, 13ozAOW




#2 pgleesonuk Mar 07, 2002 11:20 PM

Where is the zip file? the URL points to a picture only?


#3 hoppy Mar 08, 2002 05:40 AM

Thanks Paul, guess I had a brain flameout.....

#4 GregG Mar 08, 2002 08:56 AM

Hey Hoppy, great looking plane! :D Nice webpage as well. Have you posted this in "Foamies" yet? I'll leave it here for awhile to get some different exposure for you and then I'll move it to the "Foamies" forum. Good going and thanks for sharing. :cool:

#5 hoppy Mar 08, 2002 11:29 AM

I posted it in foamies sometime ago...


Thought the sport plane guys might like it because it does do a lot of aerobatic stuff...no vertical tho!! It now has a Simprop Speed 300 in it which if the calculations and test bench results are right, should up the performance even more.

It also is quite repairable, even from headon ground contacts, so flyers looking for something to train aerobatics on don't have to worry about the plane.

Some thoughts between fixing a broken water line....ugh!


#6 hoppy Mar 09, 2002 09:18 AM

Forgot to mention that it also flies well with GWS300, with an 8 cell 720mah NiMH pack. Roll rate is about 2/sec. Inverted is stable.


#7 LenBFP Mar 09, 2002 08:20 PM

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Here is one I call the Almost Ultimate. 22" span, DXA. Great Minds eh.

#8 hoppy Mar 14, 2002 07:05 AM

The wings look flat in the picture.....r they? If they are, tell us about how it flies. You know, if a cambered wing will fly upside down, airfoil can't be too important at the slow speeds these planes fly at.

#9 hoppy Mar 17, 2002 08:34 PM

Download problem fixed for Ultimate and Pitts zip files. Geocities stopped letting us reference our home page from another site.
Sorry for any inconvienence.

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