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        UK's BBC Three Part Series 'The Battle of the Atlantic"

#1 Chris Clark Jan 01, 2005 06:58 PM

UK's BBC Three Part Series 'The Battle of the Atlantic"
Anyone in UK know where I can beg,borrow, steal or even purchase(!) the three part BBC series? I miseed it when it was first shown (approx 2002).
It is listed on WWW.uboat net-Naval Warfare Movies but I can't find it and trying to contact the BBC via their B of the A website ............. well I'd have more luck getting through to MI6 !!!
Nothing shown on Amazon nor Play.Com.

The reason is, I have the hull of the Type VII used by the BBC for some of the filming and would like to tie it all up so to speak.
Anyone out therehelp?

#2 Chris Clark Jan 06, 2005 04:09 PM

Well, I eventually got through on the 'phone to the British Broadcasting Company and having been moved through about eight extension got some info.! It appears the series WAS released on VHS but has now been withdrawn within a year. I am writing to their archive dept with hope in getting to see this series at last and see my 'boat' in view!!!

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