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#1 want2B400Xpert Dec 05, 2004 02:00 PM

Is the tail really that bad?
I got my new reciever/speed controller for my dragonfly (esky radio) and now Im having tail problems. It just doesn't have the power at just over hover throttle. I can't keep the tail straight when barely climbing. Does that sound like the tail motor is burining out? Its probably had maybe 20 flights now. At low main rotor throttle, the tail has all the power in the world though. Any ideas? It is the EDF-50 you guys use for tail replacements right? And which tail rotor works best?

#2 aerohawk1 Dec 05, 2004 03:11 PM

sounds like its dying :(

you might try the esky 3d tail motor in the geared drive...it is meaty and has carbon brushes.
mine has lasted for well over 40 flights,now(50% resulting in crashes:) ).

they say that the direct drive gives you more authority in starboard turns,but I have yet to need more.
not to mention that a GD will have a much lower amp draw than a DD.
myself,I'm going brushless this week(if I can keep the amp draw low enough-hoping to come in under 2 amps,lol)...I think the tail is starting to lag a bit in climb.

I'm going to try a number of methods,but the one I'm favoring is motor near frame,with belt driven,reduced(5:1,maybe) drive.

I have many small,cogged belts and 3mm drive gears from old pc printers that are already perfect legnth :)
If I can make the motor light enough,I will just mount it at the end of the boom,but I want it to be a reduced drive to keep amps down.

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