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#1 Dave Campbell Feb 24, 2002 09:30 PM

Fast Composites Sliver ARF 400 Pylon Racer for sale!
Hi guys,

Here's a rare (and I mean RARE because I don't usually build my kits for *anyone*) chance to own/fly/race a NATs caliber 400 pylon racer. For those of you who don't know about the Sliver, It won the NATS in 2000, and holds the US/world record of 75 sec. That record was set by Pete Bergstrom with an airplane that I built. The wing is the one I used to demonstrate Vac-Bagging in my Ezone Competitive Edge column if you want to see how it was built.

The airplane I am selling is actually lighter than both of the airframes used above, and could go a long way toward winning your races! It has one test flight on it (Astro 020) from the Ft. Wayne Freeze Fly, and that's it. I built it for myself but need the money for another hobby related purchase.

It finishes out at 13.0oz. with a Rocket 400, Micro Demon 21, 7-500AR's and a JR-600 RX with the case removed for weight loss.

I'm need $220+7postage for it. Not a lot of money considering it has HS-60's in it and you don't have to glue anything or bend any wires. You just need an RX, controller, motor, spinner and battery pack. It will take 10 minutes to install these, balance it and set up your radio.

More specs at www.fastcomposites.com

Thanks for looking!


<img src=http://www.fastcomposites.com/p2240003.jpg>

<img src=http://www.fastcomposites.com/p2240001.jpg>

#2 Dave Campbell Feb 26, 2002 07:38 PM

Payment Pending, Thanks for the interest guys!


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