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        ok can any one tell me about a bauchmann?

#1 On one again Nov 01, 2004 08:55 PM

ok can any one tell me about a bauchmann?
any one know anything about this bike. Is it a 1/8 scale? any good or bad info about this bike would be nice thanks

#2 mollycbr123 Nov 01, 2004 09:26 PM

It's 1/5th scale. If you have seen a Royal, then you've seen a Bachmann. Produced thru the 1980's --early '90's I think. Molded plastic bodywork/frame, low end electrics. Steers by swinging the battery pack back and forth. Entertaining, but not a hobby grade bike. I have one Royal, and one Bachmann on my display shelf. The Royal was bought new by me many years ago, the Bachmann was NIB off of e-bay.

STeve B in NC

#3 On one again Nov 01, 2004 09:36 PM

thanks steve so just a show peice then

#4 mollycbr123 Nov 01, 2004 09:40 PM

Compared to the current 1/5 bikes they are. They are still fun, but I haven't run either of mine in maybe 2 years. Don't know where I'd get parts if I broke one!

#5 grymg Nov 02, 2004 01:06 PM

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Mike, sorry I couldn't respond quick to your PM. Had a 20K service on my car this morning.

Anyways, a bit of R/C bike history: this was my first R/C bike back in 2000 after seeing in a LHS – I was very curious!! Back then it was called the Bachmann Cyclone RTR, nicknamed the "gentle giant" by many. There are many similarities between that and the Royal and Graupner; for these discussions they are virtually the same. It has been around since the old Kyosho days, in fact many races back then consisted of both the Bachmann and the Kyosho 1/8th because that’s all we had.

The electronics are a built-in circuit board Rx and ESC (I don’t remember if it even had crystals!) in the tail, a 400ish size closed endbell motor, and a standard servo but with a larger non-standard casing. Transmitter is a 2-stick. The steering is standard Kyosho swivel method, but the battery tray and battery also swiveled along with it to shift the weight over quicker. However by our standards steering is a bit sluggish. The rider, body, chassis, forks, and almost everything is made of pretty hard plastic, painted on the outside. The crash bars are removable and have a roller at the end of each. Comes in a nice carrying case.

After learning how to “ride” I soon got bored with the speed and wrenched on the chassis to learn that it doesn’t like being opened up! Really the way it goes together is not easy I remember. The mount for the motor on the Bachmann ONLY fits 400 motors, so much work had to be done to get in a 27T (Royal and Graupner however accept 540 cans). Gears are standard plastic so they break easily, and rear wheel is belt driven. I also tried putting regular electronics in it, which was easy except for the servo because I had to make new mounts. Anyways still couldn’t mod it enough to put the 540can in anyway, so I gave it away. But conlusion after looking back on it is that it was the easiest bike I’ve ever driven.

Heres a pic of one (or a Royal or Graupner). If you take a look at the front forks they’re non-USDs but they do have a lower fork brace above the mudguard which is nice.


#6 ZIGZAG Nov 02, 2004 01:23 PM

An ok toy

#7 beltlogger May 14, 2008 09:48 AM

I had one of these a few years ago and someone stole it,I finally found a site that sells them and i just ordered a new one. :D

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