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#1 Willard Oct 24, 2004 12:11 AM

How do I tune my HH gyro?
I have a MS-044 HH gyro running stock brushed setup with GWS 50/100 ESCs on a 2004 DD dragonfly.

Could anyone tell me what to look for when trying to get the gain adjustment right?

I cant remember what the difference between hunting and wagging is. Is one caused by the gain being too high and the other being too low?

I started with gain around 90% and the tail would oscillate in a straight hover. I could hear the motor rapidly speeding up and slowing down as it kept overshooting its center, and then slowing to return to it and then overshooting the other way etc.

So I turned it down to about 50% and now when I increase or decrease throttle it doesnt hold: the heli will shift a few degrees witht the increase or decrease in torque.

I have been trying to fine tune it between the two but with limited success

Can anyone tell me a procedure or method for fine tuning the gain, and how to find a happy medium between these two behaviours? Should I start increasing gain again until the tail starts to oscillate, and then reduce it back down in small increments until this stops happening?

Thanks !:)


#2 Mr.RC-CAM Oct 24, 2004 01:15 AM

Increase the gain as high as you can, just short of wagging (best described as a nasty tail oscillation). If you have trouble with the tail holding after this, then you have a problem (T/R servo has poor centering or speed, control slop, mechanical throws too short, gyro mounting too stiff or too soft, etc.). Be sure all Tx Revo and Accel mix is disabled.


#3 OzzieFlyer Oct 24, 2004 02:29 AM

if you have any vibration in the heli, that can throw your gyro as well off so it will tend to drift.

Make sure your heli is vibration free first (balance blades..etc)

Then turn the gain up a little each time until it starts to wag.

As soon as it wags, turn it down a fraction until it stops.

#4 Willard Oct 24, 2004 08:21 AM

Thanks! I will try to fine tune it again this morning.

BTW, nice picture Mr.RC-CAM- Very seasonal!

#5 Willard Oct 24, 2004 02:49 PM

I have spemnt some time experimenting with the gain level this morning.

One thing I cant eliminate is when I turn the heli, when I let go of the stick to give the heli its new heading, the tail will 'bounce' around slightly before settling down.

Is this normal, I am thinking that maybe it is because I am letting go of the stick too quickly and the tails momentum is carrying it past the new heading and causes the wag?

anyone got any advice?


#6 Mr.RC-CAM Oct 24, 2004 03:33 PM

It sounds like the gain is too high for YOUR installation. Everything must be perfect; good gyro, no tail slop, well behaved servo, optimzed throws, etc, etc, etc. Lowering the gain is just a coverup for weak areas, and only so much can be hidden if things are goofy.


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