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#1 Karl Bē Oct 13, 2004 03:01 PM

Automated Spin
Web trawling scripts, aka bots, apparently have the ability now to vote in online polls.

While this article mainly concerns spambots that autogenerate emailed letters to online news sites, they do also mention digital opinion poll ballot box stuffing:

They even can participate in online polls, or generate news stories based on poll results, rather than reflect actual public sentiment.
The Dems' National Media Blaster is a traditional email stuffing effort, with an automated process for local state email. This is obviously the source of the cut-n-paste emails proclaiming the debate winners before they even started. Reps picked up on the effort, though if they're smart, they'll let the other side run with it to extreme.

After a brief slog through democraticunderground and freerepublic, I badly need a shower. [shudder]

Now extremists, spin this your way.

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