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#1 jnyoun Jun 02, 2001 12:25 AM

How to fix a crack of foam wing ?

My simple 400 have a crack in the wing.
What is the best way to fix (or glue) this
crack ? Is there any glue that has a good
penetration, but doesn't melt the foam ?


<img src=http://students.washington.edu/jnyoun/simple400/crack.JPG>

#2 sf_247 Jun 02, 2001 12:34 AM

Epoxy works pretty well with this type of foam if you think you can "smoosh" it into the crack.
I think there are some foam-safe CA adhesives, but I have not used them on this type of foam.


#3 Troy Jun 02, 2001 01:08 AM

If it's just cracked and not completely severed I think thick foam-safe CA would work OR Pro-Bond polyurethane glue because it expands while curing and will seep into the pores of the foam well. It is light and sands decent too.

#4 poobs Jun 02, 2001 07:30 AM

Sorry about the damage - hang in there.

I use epoxy. Drip it in the crack, push it a bit with a tooth pick etc. You can smooth it out on the surface with a thin piece of scrap ply or cardboard like a spatula.

When it dries, try to heat the covering back over it or patch it up.

good luck!

#5 bidule Jun 02, 2001 08:41 AM

I will fix with epoxy and ligth cloth .5 oz , 1 inch wide .Good luck. J-C

#6 jnyoun Jun 04, 2001 07:44 PM

Thanks everyone. The CA attracted me. However, I fixed with Epoxy mainly because I have it. I also enforced the leading edge with balsa wood. It looked too weak to me. http://www.ezonemag.com/disc/smile.gif


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