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#1 CheChe156 Feb 12, 2002 05:20 PM

What's The Difference between Cells?
What's the difference between RC and CP Sanyo Cells?

And can they be Mixed?

#2 CheChe156 Feb 13, 2002 03:43 PM


#3 Chris True Feb 13, 2002 04:05 PM

About $3 per cell. There may be some slight difference in the chemical mix but they seem to perform identically to me. The CP's are industrial cells and do seem to have just a touch less capacity on average but they are certainly within a 100 mah of each other.

I would not mix CP's and RC's in the same pack, it might work but why bother? I do fly planes and helis with CP's and RC's interchangably @ amp draws from 12 - 60 and I can't tell any difference...

#4 CheChe156 Feb 13, 2002 05:26 PM

Thanks Chris!

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